SCORPIONS – Blackout [Remastered]

SCORPIONS - Blackout [Remastered]


Release date: October 25, 2001

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Another remastered Scorpions album, Blackout, originally released in 1982, cemented their breakthrough in America. Platinum albums and sold out tours followed. There is no bonus-tracks on this release, but the original album with a sonic improvement is worth dishing out your hard earned cash for.

Blackout opens up with the adrenaline rush of the title-track, and from there on it’s full speed ahead. Can’t live without you, No one like you, follow before the first power-ballad appears: You give me all I need. Melodic and pretty, but with enough balls to make it a worthy track for the album. Pace, speed and power returns with the double- duo of Now and Dynamite. Phew! Who says these boys didn’t rock? The last trio of songs (Arizona, China White and When the smoke is going down) keeps up the momentum and Blackout is a complete album worthy of it’s position in the metal world. Priceless stuff!

Highlights: Blackout, No one like you, Now!, Arizona, China White


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