CIRRHA NIVA – Liaison De La Morte


Release Date: October 31, 2001

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Dutch theatre-dramatic prog rockers might have more than “Liaison De La Morte” in their discography, but I must admit this is my first meeting with the band. Call this theater metal, call it whatever you want actually, and you can’t be very wrong due to lots of diversity in the music, but you will easily conclude that this music is made for a show. In that case, it’s no easy task to cut and just focus on the recording that converts to zeros and ones, but Cirrha Niva has done that to a level they can be proud of. You can hear that Uncle McDuck didn’t sponsor this, but the sound is overall better than most discs out in today’s over flooded market. The songs are divided into chapters, totally seven to be exact. The music is as I vaguely told, a concept – and I have to say that Cirrha Niva musically have gotten grip on the whole conceptual genre. This is done the way it is supposed to be done, with parts that return and bring the whole concept into a perspective. Some of the psychedelic elements remind me of old Alice Cooper (Welcome To My Nightmare-era), and that’s a compliment (!), and the singer has a huge register and a thrilling way to express himself. As much as I think Cirrha Niva can impress you a lot with their live show, there’s no reason not to give this CD more than a fair chance – like the goth fans already did…


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