GAMMA RAY – No World Order


Release Date: September 10, 2001

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Kai Hansen is without doubt one of the most important (and best) songwriters of our time. Not the best singer, but indeed a great songwriter. On Gamma ray’s new album, their 7th studio album, he proves he still is capable of coming up with magnificent material, like the title track, the opener “Dethrone Tyranny” and “Damn The Machine”. However, this time he also reproduces himself way too much, which makes this CD the weakest Gamma Ray album with Kai himself handling lead vocals. “Heaven Or Hell” is so close to “I Want Out” that you’ll be singing “I Want Out” every time the song gets to the chorus section. Other parts are stolen from his own back catalog, while some stuff is so heavily classic Judas Priest influenced that you’d think the Metal God Mr. Tipton himself took a turn in Hansen’s studio. With this CD, Gamma Ray will indeed please their most die hard fans, but probably turn away those who just enjoy the band from time to time. The cover artwork is incredible though.


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