PAUL DI’ANNO – The Beast Live

PAUL DI'ANNO - The Beast Live


Release date: January 16, 2001

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7/10 (1 vote)

It’s been a long time since Paul fronted Iron Maiden, and for most metal fans, Iron Maiden is synonymous with Bruce Dickinson galloping all over the stage, in tight leather pants and operatic vocals. But, for a few of us, Maiden, also means the two first albums with Paul Di’Anno. And what albums they are! A lot of us would have loved to hear recordings from those first legendary tours. So far, this release from Paul Di’Anno is as close as it gets. He has collected his favorite Maiden songs, performed by his solo-bands, and they feature classics like: “Prowler,” “Killers,” “Remember Tomorrow,” “Women In Uniform” and some of the songs Maiden played on their last tour.

The treat of this album is to hear the songs Maiden don’t perform these days, and of course it’s also good to hear the original vocalist belt out the classics like they were intended to. The vocals are a bit high in the mix, but if you love Paul Di’Anno’s voice, you won’t mind! This record is a good companion to all those live Maiden albums, and for younger metal-heads, this is a nice place to start, after you have bought the two first Iron Maiden albums… Highlights: “Prowler,” “Killers,” “Remember Tomorrow,” “Women In Uniform.”


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