ZAKK WYLDE’S BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Alcohol Fueled Brewtality – Live!! Plus 5

ZAKK WYLDE'S BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Alcohol Fueled Brewtality - Live!! Plus 5


Release date: January 16, 2001

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This is a double disc, with one disc containing live recordings, and one disc containing studio recordings. The live recording is sounding muddy, not very kick ass…and Zakk telling the audience (“Make some fucking noise”): hardly Diamond Dave… Oh, yeah, there’s also a lot of riffs, growling “vocals” and “twiddly diddly-guitars”.

He also manages to play an awful version of No more tears. Thanks… The studio- CD is mercifully a lot better, showcasing the man’s guitar playing, and with better sounding vocals. No harm done playing some songs this time, instead of endlessly riffing the “songs” to death. Working with Ozzy again will probably save his career. This release is for guitar-freaks only!

Highlights: Putting on CD 2 after listening to CD…


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