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Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: TNT – XIII

19. June 2018

Norwegian Hair Metal legends TNT are back with a new, polarizing album. A poor choice in XIII‘s lead singles will probably doom the release, which is a shame as this album does have many flaws but also contains some high-points that could potentially rank up there with some of TNT’s ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: FANTASY OPUS – The Last Dream

18. June 2018

Simply, Fantasy Opus’s new album The Last Dream is Progressive Power Metal in its purest, most exemplary form. With complex yet riff and rhythm heavy song structures that engage both the intellect and the adrenal glands, the album hooks the listener early—first song “Ritual Of Blood” is ...READ MORE

This Weeks Guest DJs: RATBREED!

17. June 2018

Formed in 2015, Ratbreed have quickly established themselves as one of the most promising acts in Finnish heavy metal scene. The band gained reputation as a hard rocking live act at local clubs. In the spring of 2017 the band thought they had enough material to record an album. As a result the ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: Crying Steel – Stay Steel

17. June 2018

Italian artists, Crying Steel, have been honing their craft since 1982.  Their fifth album, Stay Steel, reflects their familiarity with writing and performing formulaic 80s era Heavy Metal.  It’s no surprise to see song titles such as “Hammerfall”, “Speed Of Light”, and “Road To ...READ MORE


17. June 2018

Towards the end of the `80`s Metal had reached something of a nadir.  With an excess of ozone busting backcombed hair, six inches of lipstick and spray on spandex, and that`s just the men, it had become a sad parody of itself so when Nirvana and their grunge revolution showed up, Metal as we knew ...READ MORE

YES Featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman (live)

14. June 2018

For those not quite in the know, things have got a little confusing in the camp of Prog Rock legends Yes lately.   Didn`t they just complete a tour celebrating their 50th anniversary a matter of weeks ago?  They did indeed but those with gleaming Prog credentials will have known that was the ...READ MORE
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