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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: PROJECT EVIL – Project Evil

18. July 2018

Italy’s Project Evil drops their seven song self-titled debut album in late August. Opening with “Fire At Will”, a Manowar-ish sounding rumination on war, Project Evil sets a tone that indicates that they will follow very well-trodden pathways laid down by the masters without really blazing ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJs: WHITE RAVEN DOWN!

16. July 2018

Based in South Essex White Raven Down are fusing anthemic heavy riffs with memorable vocal melodies resulting in skilfully created songs that not only satisfy the hardest of rock fans but also entice the more neutrally minded of audiences. The band consists of: Bill Taylor – vox, Stu ...READ MORE


14. July 2018

The full-length debut release from Connecticut, USA based Alternative Punk Rock act American Amnesia has all of the teen angst and naive yet heartwarming rebellion that any fan of 2nd wave Punk or Grunge could want. On …Yet Here We Are, this trio slogs and stumbles its way through eleven ...READ MORE
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