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ARMONITE – And The Stars Above

16. March 2018

Instrumental Prog Rock act Armonite are back with their sophomore release, And The Stars Above. Stylistically, this follows closely to the band’s 2016 debut effort, The Sun Is New Each Day, and features a wide variety of instruments and guest or one-off session musicians. Fans of Porcupine ....READ MORE


15. March 2018

Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa has come a long way since his first show in the region at the Customs House in South Shields back in 2006.  Through a gruelling schedule of constant touring and recording an incredible eight studio albums since then as a solo artist not to mention a clutch of albums ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: ELDRITCH – Cracksleep

13. March 2018

Italian Power/Prog Metal act Eldritch return after a three year absence to add Cracksleep to their extensive catalogue. In true classic Progressive Metal fashion, Cracksleep is a concept album about suitably esoteric subject matter–insomnia. Technically precise, Eldritch crafts some very ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: BOREALIS – The Offering

12. March 2018

The Offering is the fourth studio release from Canadian Power Progressive Metal band Borealis.  Consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Marinelli, Guitarist Ken Fobert, Bassist Trevor McBride, Keyboardist Sean Werlick, and Drummer, Mixer, and Producer Sean Dowell, Borealis have created a spectacular ....READ MORE

JUDAS PRIEST – Firepower

12. March 2018

With the exit of KK Downing several years ago and the disheartening news regarding Glenn Tipton’s health, Judas Priest have taken a few shots to the chin in the last decade … if anything demonstrating the cold reality that The Metal Gods are indeed “mortal”.  However, ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: FELSKINN – Mind Over Matter

11. March 2018

After disbanding in 2008, Switzerland’s Felskinn returns with Mind Over Matter, an album the band states is “…ready to hit the world wide market!!!!”  To ensure success, the album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen known for his modern sounding production with Primal Fear and ....READ MORE
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