ANDREW CRAIGHAN (MY DYING BRIDE): “As A Musician You Always Believe Your Most Recent Work Is Your Best Ever”

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English Doom Metal pioneers My Dying Bride are set to release their fourteenth studio album entitled A Mortal Binding on April 19th. The band’s guitarist Andrew Craighan took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the upcoming album, his love for playing live in Holland, the band’s longevity, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: Your band, My Dying Bride, are set to release a new album entitled A Mortal Binding on April 19th, what can you tell fans about the upcoming release?

Craighan: It’s heavy, it’s deliberately heavy. It still has the distinct ambience of My Dying Bride, though regardless of the ferocity in places the doom still seeps through.

MER: How was the writing and recording process having this being your band’s fourteenth album? 

Craighan: Writing was a long planned and regimental process. We rehearsed for over a year, writing arranging and rewriting the songs to ensure we had something we would be proud of. Recording was a tad different as we did sort of ad hoc sessions, that once the drums were down, allowed us to record around our normal jobs. It was all very professional once the recording started though and I quite enjoyed the small breaks, as it allowed us to review what we had done and rectify if we thought it was not up to standard.

MER: How does it feel having fourteen albums out as a band? 

Craighan: You tend not to think about it, it’s like asking about the pain of a tattoo. You don’t think about the pain involved you look at the art and enjoy that.

MER: You’ve released two singles from the album so far, what kind of feedback have you received?

Craighan: They have been well received over all and both just passed the 250,000 views on YT mark in weeks, so that was an unexpected surprise. So, we cannot complain at that.

MER: What do you see as plans for you and your band after the album release?

Craighan: Back to work as normal.

MER: Is there anyone you hope to tour with that you haven’t yet and why? 

Craighan: Black Sabbath – if we had the chance, I would do this one using my own money. The band have played alongside Iron Maiden, Dio and Metallica, so I reckon Black Sabbath would be a nice one too. I reckon we best be quick about it though.

MER: Is there anywhere that you hope to play live that you haven’t?

Craighan: I like the idea if Japan, Syria, Australia to name an obvious few – I sincerely doubt we’ll do them now though.

MER: Is there anywhere that’s been your favorite to play live and why?

Craighan: Holland – mainly because when we started, they (the dutch fans and promoters) were so honest and kind to us. I mean in a way we have since lost.

MER: You’ve played everything from open air festivals and clubs to Metal cruises, what are some of the pros and cons to bigger shows versus small shows?

Craighan: Bigger shows tend to have better sound on stage, but you do feel a bit disconnected sometimes, whereas clubs are right in your face events that you can really get your teeth into – even if the sound is occasionally substandard. Both are great though – we’ve had good and bad versions of them all.

MER: Out of your band’s fourteen albums, what is one you would suggest to a new fan and why? 

 Craighan: This one – A Mortal Binding – why.. it’s because as a musician you always believe (mostly incorrectly) that your most recent work is the best ever. So, as I am now presently suffering this delusion as we speak, I have to suggest this one. Then any of the others as each is different and no single one represents the band fully.

MER: You have been a band for well over thirty years now, what has been the key to your longevity?

Craighan: Rigid stupidity in the face of clear failures, backed by rabid fans that are loyal to a fault coupled with dogged determination to make it despite all the setbacks suggesting we pack it in.


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