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  • 8.2/10
    STRIKER - Ultrapower - 8.2/10


Label: Record Breaking Records
Release date: February 2, 2024

User Review
9/10 (1 vote)

Canadian Heavy Metal / Hard rock band Striker kicked off the new year with their seventh studio album, Ultrapower (2024). It is the follow-up to their Juno Award-winning self-released studio album, Play to Win (2018). Formed in 2007, their sound combines the heaviness of ‘80s Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with the pop hooks of Night Ranger and Def Leppard. To make things even more interesting, the lead vocalist, Dan Cleary, sounds like Bruce Dickinson. Think big backing vocals, catchy melodies, pounding drums, modern production, and flashy guitar solos. Ultrapower is the first album to feature John Simon Fallon on guitars.

The Best of the Best of the Best

Opening track, “Circle of Evil,” has a galloping feel, resembling ‘80s Iron Maiden and it’s on the verge of Speed Metal. “Give It All” and “City Calling” are so infectious and filled with melodic hooks that it’s a shame these guys weren’t around when Rock music was playing heavily on radio stations. The latter has a great groove and a memorable chorus. “Thunderdome” is a fist-pumping anthem with a killer guitar riff. “Sucks to Suck” is very tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously, but there’s a rebellious nature to it and Rock ‘n’ Roll is about attitude, after all. Bottom line is, it works. “Brawl at the Pub” is very straight-forward and at the same time, a chaotic mess, but it’s a fun track with shredding guitars galore and Thrash Metal-like drumming.

Final Assessment

The lyrics aren’t groundbreaking and these guys are nowhere near songwriting geniuses. Instead, the focus lies on the instrumentation, and delivering fun Rock music to blast in the car or during a brawl at the pub; no pun intended. What’s great about Striker is that they’re not ripping off their heroes from back in the day. Instead, they’re giving classic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock music a modern twist. To be fair, it’s not a bad thing to fully write songs that sound like they came from the ‘70s and ‘80s. But, it’s also good to stand out from the crowd and have a distinct identity, while paying tribute to their favorite artists.

For those that are looking to have a good time, forget their troubles, and headbang for 40 minutes, give Striker’s Ultrapower a listen.

Album Tracklist

  1. Circle of Evil
  2. BEST of the BEST of the BEST
  3. Give It All
  4. Blood Magic
  5. Sucks to Suck
  6. Ready for Anything
  7. City Calling
  8. Turn the Lights Out
  9. Thunderdome
  10. Live to Fight Another Day
  11. Brawl at the Pub

Band Lineup

Dan Cleary – lead vocals
Tim Brown – guitars
John Simon Fallon – guitars
Pete Klassen – bass guitar
Jono Webster – drums


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