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  • 8.7/10
    ANGRA - Cycles Of Pain - 8.7/10


Label: Atomic Fire Records
Release date: November 3, 2023

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Brazilian progressive power metal legends Angra have teamed up with Atomic Fire Records to release their 10th studio LP titled Cycles Of Pain, and what a fantastic album it is. The band had the album ready to go, and their previous label wanted to sit on it for a year, and we are glad they didn’t have to wait. Angra has refined their art as they’ve solidified their lineup in the last 10 years with vocalist Fabio Lione (Athena Xix, ex-Rhapsody Of Fire), Rafael Bittencourt and Marcelo Barbosa on guitars, Felipe Andreoli on bass, and Bruno Valverde on drums.

That Which Makes You Stronger

Cycles Of Pain explores themes of how pain is something that everyone experiences, and how it can drag you down, or make you stronger. Guitarist Rafael Bittencourt explains:

“This is a very special record for us for several reasons: First, much has happened since our last release in 2018. During the last five years, we experienced a lot of pain — personally and collectively — alongside challenges, frustrations, glories, and successes, on a rollercoaster of emotions that became a giant cauldron of subjects and inspirations. In the year 2019, my father passed away and a few months later also Andre Matos (original Angra vocalist) died; that had a big impact on my life.”

Bassist Felipe Andreoli adds, “Cycles Of Pain brings different perspectives on human pain and the cycles that involve it. It reminds us that while pain is inevitable, it is also an integral part of growing and learning. By recognizing and facing these cycles, we can discover our inner strength and find a path to healing and transformation. The album leads us to contemplate our own journey of pain and to embrace the hope that despite the seemingly endless cycles, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is an invitation to reflect on the complexities of human pain, addressing topics such as loss, disillusionment, loneliness and despair, but also bringing a message of resilience and hope.”

Final Notes

Cycles Of Pain is 12 finely crafted songs, that cover several styles from Power/Prog Metal to traditional Brazilian music. The album also features a range of guests including appearances by Amanda Somerville on “Tears Of Blood”, Brazilian artists Lenine on “Vida Seca”, Vanessa Moreno on “Tide Of Changes – Part II” and “Here In The Now”, and Juliana D’Agostini playing piano on “Tears Of Blood”. Listening to this album makes it very clear why Angra is regarded as not just one of the top bands from Brazil, but worldwide. Top tracks include the powerful “Ride Into The Storm”, the emotional title track “Cycles Of Pain” and the wildly intricate and mind blowing “Faithless Sanctuary”. A definite must, not just for Power Prog Metal fans, but for all Metal fans.

Angra band photo 2023 by Marcos Hermes.
Photo: Marcos Hermes


  • Fabio Lione – vocals
  • Rafael Bittencourt – guitars
  • Marcelo Barbosa – guitars
  • Felipe Andreoli – bass
  • Bruno Valverde – drums

Cycles Of Pain – Tracklist

  1. Cyclus Doloris
  2. Ride Into The Storm
  3. Dead Man On Display
  4. Tide Of Changes – Part I
  5. Tide Of Changes – Part II
  6. Vida Seca
  7. Gods Of The World
  8. Cycles Of Pain
  9. Faithless Sanctuary
  10. Here In The Now
  11. Generation Warriors
  12. Tears Of Blood


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  1. This new Angra album is starting to reconcile me with the fact that now Fabio Lione is singing in the band and a full time member. The past few years, news concerning the band have been difficult to stomach. First André Matos leaving, it took me quite some time to accept Edu as a replacement, then him leaving, followed by Kiko Loureiro. Megadeth have never been my jam, and I’m happy for him if that’s his dream, but I’m really disappointed he’s not with Angra anymore. And finally getting Fabio as lead singer: he’s an excellent singer, I love his work with Rhapsody, but I don’t think his voice matches the band at all. I have somehow enjoyed Secret Garden and Omni but never managed to think of them as Angra albums. I’m glad to be able to say that it’s different with this album. Both with Fabio’s vocals and the instrumental parts, I’m truly able to listen and enjoy Cycles of Pain as the continuity of the bands first albums with André Matos or The excellent Temple of Shadows with Edu. This is a good year for fans of Angra, both this album and Edu’s solo project release are excellent!

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