SAINT DEAMON – League of the Serpent

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  • 8.4/10
    SAINT DEAMON - League of the Serpent - 8.4/10


Label: AFM Records
Release date: April 21, 2023

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Following three and a half years since their last studio release, Swedish/Norwegian Melodic Power Metal band Saint Deamon are back with their fourth studio album, League of the Serpent. It is the first to feature their new drummer, Alfred Fridhagen. The band’s goal was to refine their skills and take them up a notch. As for the songwriting, vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad described the process as similar to how Saint Deamon’s first album, In Shadows Lost From the Brave, was made.

“The songs are all new and fresh, no older song ideas have been used. The album consists of everything you can expect from Saint Deamon. Heavy, fast-paced, slow, powerful and melodic – it’s all here,” said Grefstad.

The Good and the Bad

The album’s opening track and first single, “At Break of Dawn,” is enough to get the blood pumping with a thumping bass line, a memorable chorus, and a nice chugging guitar riff. Although Saint Deamon are a Power Metal group, there are definitely some Thrash Metal vibes throughout the album, thanks to Fridhagen’s double kick drum technique. The title track, “Gates of Paradise,” and “They Call Us Deamons” are perfect examples of that. Highlights of the album include “The Final Fight” and “Load Your Cannons.” Both tracks have a catchy chorus and such tasteful guitar riffs. “Lost in Your Sin” is another cool track, which has an infectious groove that’s great for head banging.

There are not a lot of downsides of League of the Serpent. However, some of the lyrics are a little cliché, especially on “Raise Hell” during the chorus. Also, despite how excellent Grefstad’s vocals are throughout the album, some of the high notes in “Lord of the Night” are quite jarring. Those are just small complaints, though.

Final Assessment

In conclusion, the album is a pleasant listen and the songs are enjoyable. The killer production brings out the best in everyone and all the members have their chance to shine. League of the Serpent will be released on April 21, 2023.

Album Tracklist

  1. At Break of Dawn
  2. League of the Serpent
  3. The Final Fight
  4. Lord of the Night
  5. A Lie to Be Undone
  6. Raise Hell
  7. Lost in Your Sin
  8. Gates of Paradise
  9. Load Your Cannons
  10. Heaven to Heart
  11. They Call Us Deamons

Band Lineup

Jan Thore Grefstad – lead vocals
Toya Johansson – guitars
Nobby Noberg – bass guitar
Alfred Fridhagen – drums


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