SAINT DEAMON – In Shadows Lost From The Brave

SAINT DEAMON - In Shadows Lost From The Brave
  • 7.5/10
    SAINT DEAMON - In Shadows Lost From The Brave - 7.5/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: January 28, 2008

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Since In Shadows Lost From The Brave is Saint Deamon’s debut release, it’s understandable that many people have never heard of them. Long-time Metal fans will probably be familiar with the band’s pedigree, though: vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad sang with Highland Glory; Nobby Norberg played bass for Nation and Dionysus; guitarist Toya Johansson played with Sinner; and Saint Deamon founder, drummer Ronny Milianowicz, pounded skins for the likes of Hammerfall, Sinergy, Dionysus, and Primal Fear. Seasoned Metal producer Jens Bogren did the production, so while Saint Deamon might be a “new” band, they’re a very experienced one too.

While experience is nice, at the end of the day it’s the music that counts. With the 11-track In Shadows Lost From The Brave, Saint Deamon throws their hat into the very crowded Power Metal ring and tries to separate themselves from the pack.

What Saint Deamon does on this album isn’t all that different from the likes of what we’ve heard from established bands in the Power Metal kingdom, like Hammerfall for example: large riffs, soaring solos, melodic vocals, plenty of energy, catchy choruses, and lots of up-tempo enthusiasm and heaviness. Most of the songs are fast and hard-hitting, although there are also a couple of ballads (“My Heart” and “My Sorrow”) thrown in; the CD also has a video for “My Heart.” In Shadows Lost From The Brave has the requisite short atmospheric intro track (“The Exodus”) too, which every single Power Metal album needs to ensure maximum success.

Power Metal fans will enjoy In Shadows Lost From The Brave; Saint Deamon knows the Power Metal game, and they play it like veterans. While sounding like a lot of other bands in this genre, Saint Deamon still delivers: Grefstad has a strong, melodic voice and good range; Johansson cranks out lots of solos and good riffs; and Norberg and and Milianowicz form a solid rhythm section. The production is loud, clear, and polished, which makes In Shadows Lost From The Brave very solid from a technical standpoint.

Ballads aside – “My Heart,” while pretty good for what it is, isn’t much of a headbanging track – there are bound to be a few songs on In Shadows Lost From The Brave for Metal fans to enjoy, like “My Judas,” “No Man’s Land,” “Ride Forever,” “Deamons,” and “Black Symphony.” These tracks are fun and they impress, as does album-closer “Run For Your Life,” a speedy tune that helps eliminate the bland aftertaste of the song that precedes it, “My Sorrow.”

Saint Deamon’s In Shadows Lost From The Brave isn’t terribly original and treads safe, very familiar territory, but this is still a solid collection of enjoyable Power Metal all the same.


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