BIG CITY – Sunwind Sails

BIG CITY - Sunwind Sails album cover
  • 9.5/10
    BIG CITY - Sunwind Sails - 9.5/10


Label: Frontiers Music
Release date: January 20, 2023

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Just a little over two years after their third album, Norwegian Melodic Metallers of Big City have just released this January their fourth album Sunwind Sails (the second with Jørgen Bergersen on vocals). While Testify X was an ode to scorched roads endlessly stretching under your eyes, this time the album will invite you on a journey to the stars. Still Melodic and Metal, there is a definitive Epic and almost Power Metal turn on this release. With incredible guitars and impressive vocals, this album delivers all of its promises.

Sailing on the winds of the Sun

With the colourful and inviting artwork signed by Giannis Nakos, Sunwind Sails still sounds like Big City but as if transported in another dimension. Big City certainly likes to make an entrance: “I’m Somebody” is one of the strongest songs on the album. This eerie and aerial melody, before the rushing riffs, backed with just the exact dose of keyboards and those sharp and clear vocals… well if that doesn’t sound brilliant, what does? All of the instruments are flawlessly arranged on this song and on the rest of the album.

“Sons Of Desire” and “Human Mind” slightly have a more classic and heavier sound for Big City but are still very efficient works. Despite the length of the album, none of the songs is superfluous. Another landmark on the journey would be “Diamond in the Rough”. This one is a homage to timeless Melodic Metal Anthems of the ’80s with the catchiest of choruses. Jorgen Bergersen might not have at first the most distinctive voice, but he is doing a tremendous job on this album. His work was already faultless on their last release, but it seems now that he was only getting his bearings. Just like his teammates Daniel Olaisen and Frank Ørland who truly make the power duo throughout the album.

Final Thoughts

It would be too long to dwell on all the qualities of this album. Suffice it to say that the last trio of songs is once again impressive alternating between true feats of epicness and soothing moments. With this album, Big City has just entered the Big League by kicking down the front door! Epic, Melodic, varied, well-written and never boring. Sunwind Sails is a must-have!

Sunwind Sails – Tracklist

  1. I’m Somebody
  2. Sons Of Desire
  3. Human Mind
  4. Collin’s Looking For a Hideout
  5. Diamond In The Rough
  6. Now
  7. After The Raid
  8. Sunwind Sails
  9. Silver Line
  10. Sparks Of Eternity

Big City – Lineup

Daniel Olaisen – rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars
Frank Ørland – lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Frank Nordeng Røe – drums and percussion
Jørgen Bergersen – vocals
Miguel Pereira – bass guitar


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