JULIEN BRASART – The End, Part 1

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    JULIEN BRASART - The End, Part 1 - 7/10


Label: Independent
Release date: February 10, 2023

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The End Part 1, released this February independently is the new album by French guitarist Julien Brasart. Entirely instrumental in the veins of the greatest guitar heroes of the ’80s, this album pays homage to the shredders of past decades, while keeping in touch with a modern vibe and a Prog atmosphere.

Throughout the six songs, the guitarist will take you through a seemingly simple jam session. Still, riffs and soli are too well organised and coordinated to be entirely the fruit of improvisation. However, the album manages to maintain the illusion, which is part of the charm.

Shred is not dead!

Starting with “Black Rain” a mid-tempo and classic Hard Rock tune, the album then develops different atmospheres for each song. With “Fog And Animals”, while keeping it Rock, there is also a Jazzy vibe that is quite fun. “Loop Theory” perhaps the best on the record is a Progressive piece with a link to the classics: these almost oriental harmonies could make you think of “The Gates Of Babylone” by Rainbow. “Deluge” is aptly titled with its sombre mood and plaintive wah-wah effects, while “Slow Motion” could very well figure on the soundtrack of a car video game. Finally “The End Part 1”, the longest song on the album, is probably the most epic, with a faster rhythm. It’s more modern and concludes this travel through the history of the guitar.

Final Thoughts

The End Part 1 (in the hope it’s only the beginning of Julien Brasart’s career) avoids the pitfalls of instrumental work by keeping it short and seemingly simple. If you are an admirer of shredders, this album will easily find a place on your shelf, however, if you’re more into Hard Rock anthems, you might have some difficulties truly immersing yourself in the music.

The End Part I – Tracklist

  1. Black Rain
  2. Fog And Animals
  3. Loop Theory
  4. Deluge
  5. Slow Motion
  6. The End Part. I


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