MIRACLE FLAIR – Synchronism

MIRACLE FLAIR - Synchronism
  • 8/10
    MIRACLE FLAIR - Synchronism - 8/10


Massacre Records
Release date: April 3, 2020

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Synchronism is the third album by the German Melodic Metal band Miracle Flair.  The band describes their release as “A little harder, a little more progressive, a little more melodic” than their previous album Angels Cast Shadows.

“The Untold” delves into the anxieties and uncertainties of life.  The track builds with a slow drum beat, matched with bass and strings.  The pace soon quickens with the double kicks of Diego Rapacchietti and a defining guitar lick by Daniel Maurizi.  Nicole Hartmann’s vocals are somber yet soothing.  On “Synchronism” Hartmann believes we are all energy and you get what you give in life.  The track keeps a similar pace as its predecessor.  While Maurizi’s chunky riffs dominate “Torn Inside,” Hartmann softens the song with her soulful presence.

“Presence of Death” has Miracle Flair flirting with Prog Metal, especially during the instrumental break. “Torture Myself” comes off as an angry break up song, which it is, but it’s about Nicole’s relationship with herself.  “In Love And Hate” tells the story of a hateful boy that meets a hateful girl that may or may not be right for each other.  There’s also a remix version of this song that has a more industrial Nine Inch Nails feel to it.

Synchronism isn’t about commercial sing-along, catchy chorus songs.  Miracle Flair are storytellers that set their tales to dark and emotional melodic music.  Hartmann’s angelic and sometimes haunting vocals drive home their underlying theme of spirituality, personal strength and development, and overcoming the darkness that shades our light.



  1. The Untold
  2. Synchronism
  3. What Remains
  4. Torn Inside
  5. Presence of Death
  6. Torture Myself
  7. Dying Existence
  8. In Charge
  9. In Love and Hate
  10. Lost in the Void
  11. Echo of Fears
  12. In Love and Hate (Retrowave Mix)


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