JADED HEART – Stand Your Ground

JADED HEART - Stand Your Ground
  • 8.8/10
    JADED HEART - Stand Your Ground - 8.8/10


Massacre Records
Release date: November 27, 2020

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The Backstory

Jaded Heart started their career in 1994 as an AOR/Melodic Rock band.  As the years went by and band members shifted, Jaded Heart began refining just who they wanted to be.  Since their inception Jaded Heart has released 13 albums.  On November 27, 2020 the German act will release album number 14, Stand Your Ground.  The release presents a couple of firsts for the band.  Stand Your Ground is the first Jaded Heart album without keyboards and also their first album to have its lyrics penned by and outside songwriter.

The Album

With the opening track “Stand Your Ground,” Jaded Heart lets the listener know that they mean business.  Guitars and drums are blazing while vocalist Johan Fahlberg leads them into battle.  A great fight song for a boxer or MMA fighter.  “One Last Time” is not slow like a ballad, but its subject matter is.  This is a high energy track that compares a broken relationship to a ship trying to weather a bad storm.  “Reap What You So” showcases the diversity of Bodo Strickter’s drum work, as well as the twin guitar attack of Peter Ostros and Masahiro Eto.

“Hero to Zero” hits you at a rapid pace as it tells the tale of a once revered figure that has become corrupt.  “Embrace the Demon” is an ominous tale of being seduced by the Devil.  Fahlberg takes Satan’s point of view here.  The riffs and drums are heavy, and the tempo makes a few changes.  The chorus of “Hopelessly Addicted” is sure to elicit sing-along responses.  Everyone can relate to the merry-go-round relationship you can’t get out of.  Michael Müller’s chunky bass lines really cut through on “Self Destruction.”  “Stay” combines clean tones and distorted ones for maximum emotional effect.

The Verdict

Stand Your Ground is chock-full of high-octane Metal fury and passionate melodic vocals.  Some lyrics are a bit dark, but overall the album is about over coming obstacles and never giving up.  If you only remember Jaded Heart as an AOR band, then it’s time to check out the heavier and mightier 2020 version of the group.



  1. Inception
  2. Stand Your Ground
  3. One Last Time
  4. Reap What You Sow
  5. Break Free
  6. Hero to Zero
  7. Kill Your Masters
  8. Embrace a Demon
  9. Hopelessly Addicted
  10. Self Destruction
  11. Stay
  12. Lost in Confusion
  13. Inside a Hurricane

Jaded Heart is

Johan Fahlberg – Vocals
Peter Östros – Guitars
Masahiro Eto – Guitars
Michael Müller – Bass
Bodo Stricker – Drums


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