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Label: Atomic Fire
Release date: February 11, 2022.

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The best elixirs are boiled in the oldest cauldrons

It is difficult to believe that Halo is Amorphis’ fourteenth album in 32 years. During which they evolved from Progressive Death Metal to Melodic Heavy Metal. Of course, evolution is particularly suited to a band named Amorphis (check the etymology.) While they explored a softer side of their music with Eclipse, Skyforger and The Begining of Time, they seemed to have closed the loop with Under the Red Cloud, and Queen of Time, which featured a sort of return to their first inspirations. After closing the circle, one would wonder what is left for them to sing. But nothing to worry about, Amorphis is still delving deep into myths and legends to bring you marvellous tales.

Halo of divine light

It is always nice to have a fine piece of artwork to accompany the music, even if it is not the main focus. However, it is worthy to notice when the artwork so superbly matches the music and its duality. This glorious sun and moon from Halo‘s cover illustrate perfectly how Tomi Joutsen shifts from growls to utterly clean and soothing melodies. While there never was a doubt of his talent, on this album his performance is impressive. His voice weaves two distinct threads in the pattern of the songs: either a crushing telluric force or an airborne strain. To carry the metaphor further, Amorphis music is always a fine tapestry of motifs intertwined and strengthened to created powerful harmonies. All of the instruments deftly create this ensemble. Even more, they transcend themselves. Listening to Amorphis makes you forget about the technique behind the art.

Ocean of Tales

“Northwards” is a great opening song and the operatic chorus at the end proves that Amorphis have once again upped their game. While their sound is clearly recognisable the harmonies seem new and at the detour of a chorus or a riff always lie surprising touches.
“Windmane” is a perfect example of Joutsen’s dexterity, and the almost shamanic rhythmics are sure to put the listeners in a state of awe. On the more progressive side “When Seven Roads Come Together” is also worthy of praise. “Halo” the title track breaks a little from the heavier atmosphere of the album and reunites with a catchy and cheerful chorus (on “The Wolf” as well). The tales of Amorphis are dark and violent (“A New Land” and ” War”) but also full of hope. To end on a lighter note “My name is night” is the lullaby that brings the acoustics needed to make the album perfect.

A Majestic Beast

It is challenging not to become overly emotional when dealing with Amorphis music when they so aptly play with feelings. Halo is a complex and beautiful work of art that confirms Amorphis as one of the greatest.


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