AMORPHIS – Skyforger

AMORPHIS - Skyforger
  • 10/10
    AMORPHIS - Skyforger - 10/10


Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: May 29, 2009

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The second album of the Finnish Amorphis, Tales From The Thousand Lakes, from 1994, is recognized as the band’s most classical album, and it’s still one of the best creations of Doom / Death Metal in the Metal world. Nevertheless, this year this notion, until the next album of course, has ended.

Amorphis presents their new piece, Skyforger, an album which overall tops every single release that has come before it. Many opinions will be expressed that the band’s sub-genre has changed along the years and today they play differently from their younger days as a Doom / Death Metal band. Therefore, to cancel the notion regarding Tales From The Thousand Lakes is a mistake. However, fans are still talking about the same band and their style since their 1996 album, Elegy , has turned into something unique and magnificent that only helped to elevate the band’s repertoire in Metal.

Skyforger is the best brainstorm these guys had since their formation almost 20 years ago. Maybe it’s defied their roots of origin a bit, but it’s a sure nominee for album of the year!

Since Elegy, Amorphis concentrated on making their music more than just a mix between Death / Doom Metal. They added more melodies, made mostly by wah-wah and intense choruses, reverb effects, enchanting solos full of emotions performed with an amazing ability. Working above them are artistic clean harmonized vocals under packs of harsh low-end growls. Moreover, they began a more intense use of the keyboards and sitar that was used to create complex, yet beautiful, harmonies with the guitars along with chilly atmospheres of utter coldness. This main characteristic is one of their greatest accomplishments. With the musical development they began writing their material according to Finnish legends and Elegy is their official getaway from the war theme that ruled their first two albums.

Skyforger masters the same elements as its previous five albums, yet the material presented, in comparison to the others , just kicks the fan. Although the band’s previous album , Silent Waters , is an equal to their 1994 classic, every track on this new piece of music shows how Amorphis perfected themselves along the years.

2009 marks the joining of members’ entire artistic talents making a wonder of an album under a formula that has existed for 13 years. Tracks like the enchantingly melodic “Sampo” , the blistering “Silver Bride” and the ultra dreamy “Sky Is Mine” are just small examples of why Skyforger is awesome. Even if a track, lyrically or vocally, won’t get to you , just listen to the music that is swamped with melodies and loads of atmospheric elements. If you desire a bit of the roughness of Death Metal you have “Majestic Beast” and “From The Earth I Rose”, just remember that Death Metal is just one of many small elements in Amorphis’s music nowadays. If you wish for softness and emotions rubbed with power you have “My Sun” , “Highest Star” , “Course Of Fate” and “From The Heaven Of My Heart”. The self-titled track encompasses everything the album offers, it’s a sort of a crossroad point of the album, although it was placed near the end of it.

Through Amorphis’ current musical performance you can catch glimpses of their past, yet they chose to embrace their past with a much more artistic view. Their music holds a magic that not many bands possess, however complex and interesting they try to be. Amorphis has a lot of experience and now, after 20 years of creations they produce their best release. But don’t forget Metalheads that Amorphis isn’t done yet and they keep on working, so Skyforger isn’t their final word. What will be interesting is… how will they top this release in the future?


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