SHINING BLACK – Postcards From The End Of The World

SHINING BLACK - Postcards From The End Of The World
  • 7/10
    SHINING BLACK - Postcards From The End Of The World - 7/10


Label: Frontiers
Release date: March 18, 2022

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And the story ends…

Have you ever felt this strange feeling, when you reach the last pages of a book you particularly enjoyed or the last minutes of your favourite movie? When all the issues of the story are resolved and the characters are going back to wherever they came from. The end of a story comes down to the end of a world in a tragic way. But think for a moment that this tragedy marks the success of the art. Somehow this purely artistic and artificial feeling – these characters were never really here with us in the first place – is mirrored in our world today. Something is coming to an end, what exactly, no one would know. While your mind wallows in these enjoyably dismal thoughts, the works of Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) and Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen, Foundry)  will accompany you on your promenades as you stand back and watch the world crumbles.


This album has a strange composition as it is. Having the end of things as the main topic is paradoxical. The beginning of the album sounds like the end and vice versa. That is perhaps the only negative point of this review. Since all of it deals with the end, as a listener it is a bit hard to find sense. This perpetual feeling that we are at the end, makes it rather surprising that songs follow each other. No need then to think in terms of beginning and ending, so let us just focus on the atmosphere.

“Postcards From The End Of The World” contains the album in a nutshell. The melodies are strong, the vocals flawless. Or better yet, the voice has this raucousness, and maturity that makes it enjoyable. Soli have this simple virtuosity as well. In “Higher Than The World” the piano emphasizes, even more, the dramatic tone on the album, maybe a little too much. But thankfully “We Are Death Angel” brings back balance. “Summer Solstice Under Delphi’s Sky” marks the peak of this album. It’s an interesting thought to also picture the end of the world in the past, making the listener, somehow a survivor. Amongst the other songs that deserve notice: are “Like Leaves In November” and “Mirror Of Time”.

Final Word

Despite the evident talent and reflection behind the composition of the album, the result is perhaps a little disappointing. All the songs are rather good; some of them are even great. But all of this apocalyptic atmosphere is a bit hard to digest. At some points, after a few songs, it seems that everything has been said and it becomes repetitive. However, Postcards From The End Of The World remains pleasant.

Postcards From The End Of The World – Tracklist

  1. Postcards From The End Of The World
  2. Higher Than The World
  3. We Are Death Angels Summer Solstice Under Delphi Sky
  4. Likes Leaves In November
  5. A Hundred Thousand Shades Of Black
  6. Faded Pictures Of Me
  7. Mirror Of Time
  8. Fear And Loathing
  9. Times Heals, They Say


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