ASHRAIN – Requiem Reloaded

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  • 7.8/10
    ASHRAIN - Requiem Reloaded - 7.8/10


Label: WardRecords
Release date: April 14, 2023

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Requiem Reloaded is the first album of Ashrain, a project led by Nozomu Wakai (Destinia / Shortino/ Sigh) accompanied by a prestigious and efficient lineup: Andy C (ex-Lord Of Black), Iuri Sanson (ex-Hibria) and Peter Baltes (ex-Accept.) In the wake of bands such as Masterplan, Helloween or Crimson Glory this album is highly melodic, entertaining and optimistic: a solid first release! In there, you will find all the necessities of qualitative Power Metal: energetic riffs, guitar heroics, epic orchestrations and catchy choruses.

Power Requiem

Sanson may not have the most recognisable voice but his performance on this record is highly commendable as he alternates between high-pitched clear melodies and more aggressive and raucous verses. There is a form of simplicity and harmony in Requiem Reloaded that is quite an achievement for this first release. No instrument overshadows the others and the melodic lines are well-shared between guitar soli and vocals. Throughout this ill-named Requiem – there is too much life and energy in this to be called a requiem – there is almost no slowing down. With an already strong beginning: “Are You Ready For Rock” is made for the stage, the songs only get stronger and it is difficult to single out the best ones. However, “Symphony Of Despair” and “Believe” deserve a special mention both for the guitar mastery and the strength of their choruses.

The cherry on top of an already tasty cake: “We Fight To Win” ends the album on a striking note. Both the atmosphere and Sanson vocals may remind you of André Matos’ solo work before his untimely demise.

Final Thoughts

For a first album, Requiem Reloaded draws attention and makes quite an entrance on the Power Metal stage. To be continued then…

Requiem Reloaded – Tracklisting

  1. Are You Ready For Rock?
  2. Requiem For A Screamer
  3. Put On The Trigger
  4. Still Burn
  5. Break Through The Fire
  6. Symphony Of Despair
  7. Believe
  8. No Surrenders
  9. The End Of Sorrow
  10. We Fight To Win

Ashrain – Lineup

Nozomu Wakai – Guitar
Andy C – Drums
Iuri Sanson – Vocal
Peter Baltes – Bass


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