WARZAW – Black Magic Satellite

WARZAW - Black Magic Satellite
  • 6.8/10
    WARZAW - Black Magic Satellite - 6.8/10


Label: Independent
Release date: December 31, 2021

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Everyone who digs Metal sure does know bits and bobs about Norway. Be it Varg Vikernes, Shagrath or the guys from A-Ha, that place has always had something to offer. Even Kurt Nilsen can be cool, some of his songs, that is. But there is one thing about Norway that makes it stand out even more than all of the aforementioned and that thing is the fact it is Norway where Metal Express Radio was founded. That’s why it is going to be one hell of a task for this band called WarZaw – because they are Norwegian and perhaps they are even better than Metal Express Radio. That sure is something to hope for. Here’s their record titled Black Magic Satellite.

According to various sources, WarZaw was founded in 2020 – now that’s some fresh Metal! One might think that Black Magic Satellite is their debut album… but there’s nothing that could be further from the truth – this album is actually their second release. It came out just before AD 2021 turned into 2022. Not just any band gets to have two albums out in just one year, especially when it’s about their very first two, although that was the case with Black Sabbath. Everyone who loves Metal knows what Black Sabbath have done as far as the origins of that genre go… but now it’s time to see what WarZaw have to offer.

Black Magic Satellite starts off in a way similar “Blackened” (and thus the whole …And Justice For All by Metallica) does, and that does not mean that the bass is inaudible – it’s just the way it fades in. The opening track titled “Santa Mira” kicks off properly shortly thereafter and that’s about it in terms of Metallica sound. This is much more like late 80s classics by such bands as Iron Maiden or Aria (the Russian lords of metal). There is some tight music there, although it seems to be missing the overall kick. The vocals seem to sound a little bit restrained, although this is the first song still. It gets better as it’s getting near the end – hopefully the same can be said about every track that follows. More songs come and one thing can be said for sure: this album has a lot of NWOBHM sound to it, although hints of more modern Metal sounds, such as The World Needs A Hero by Megadeth can be heard as well. That concerns “Fierce Attitude” in particular, the song that happens to be the second track. The song is good, although the lead parts could probably a bit simpler; this is not an extreme example of the “less is more” philosophy, but chucking a few notes out could probably result in more catchiness. The song has a very rich structure which is definitely to be approved, although they seem to be going from one into another a little bit too abruptly. It is also worth pointing out that the drums have a very interesting sound to them – as if there was some cowbell there. Perhaps the guys at WarZaw really do dig Blue Öyster Cult.

The album seems to be getting better with every song. Fans of the low frequencies should approve the next track “Send My Regards” where the bass line is not only really solid and catchy, but also contrasts with the guitar melodies. Such experiments are very much a hit-or-miss kind of thing and the outcome is more of the latter in most cases… but here, it all combines really well, so definitely kudos to the band for that song. More songs come and go; as much as every single instrument does a great job, the vocals seem a little bit restrained. They definitely seem to be lacking power… until the 8th track, titled “Shot of Poison”. That song may easily be the best track on this album. Some might deem it whiny, but those who don’t will most likely find it a little bit dreamlike and really deep. The way the chorus builds up, the deep solo that has some of that from “Floods” by Pantera to it, and the vocals really suiting the song – all these factors make up for a really exciting track. As much as the first half of Black Magic Satellite may not sound the most convincing ever, the second one sure does make up for it. “Sabres of Flesh and Blood”, that sure is a dark title for a song and that’s also just how the song starts. With its mysterious mood and perfect tempo changes it is very likely to be the second best track. One thing one should give WarZaw is that even if some of their songs may sound a bit as if they were made by an amateur band in their garage, they do have a lot of soul to them – and that is something the best production out there will never be able to provide. That concerns the 7th track, “Where The Bodies Are Buried” above all.

So back to the Black Sabbath comparison, WarZaw are highly unlikely to end up doing such a revolution in the world of Metal… but the truth is that no other band ever will. It’s good to stick to the positive facts, such as the fact the guys at WarZaw managed to release two albums within just one year. Despite slight imperfections here and there, Black Magic Satellite is a decent record and definitely should be given a listen. Keep the scene alive!


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