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Label: Metalapolis Records
Release date: September 29, 2023

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Cologne’s WarWolf fresh from 2022’s debut album Necropolis wastes no time in returning with a vengeance with their newest release, The Apocalyptic Waltz. This platter of Traditional Metal goodness will be released on September 29, 2023, on Metalapolis Records. Grave Digger’s Chris Boltendahl returns to produce and mix The Apocalyptic Waltz.


Andreas von Lipinski (vocals) and Frank Noras (guitar) original members of the now-defunct band Wolfen, have forged onward to form WarWolf in 2021. The rest of the lineup consists of Holger Blumpett (drums) was with Wolfen from most of the 2000s, Peter Müller (guitar) originally with Metal Rulez, and Florian Abegg (bass). The heavy influence of IRON MAIDEN is definitely not hidden away. On the contrary – this band expresses and lives their own musical roots with this motivation and in a sense paying tribute to this era of 80s Metal.

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The Apocalyptic Waltz

The Apocalyptic Waltz is a twelve-song NWOBHM journey lasting an hour and five minutes. The music on the album is inspired by 1980s traditional Metal with Power Metal elements mixed in. The listener will no doubt feel the Iron Maidenesque influence throughout the entirety of the album. Each song on the album feels like a time capsule looking back into the last 40 years of Traditional Heavy Metal. Songs such as the title track have a mid-2000s progressive feel. “Flying Dutchman” delivers an uptempo rocker that slows the tempo into a melodic chorus (reminiscent of Ripper era Iced Earth). WarWolf delivers a good amount of transition and tempo changes throughout the album with melodic and memorable choruses. (This review had a few of the songs stuck in his head while listening to this album).

Andreas von Lipinski’s vocals deliver a range comparable to Blaze Bailey’s delivery style with a good amount of range for the songs on the album but at times is a hint of a struggle hitting high notes.  “Flying Dutchman” Ripper era Iced Earth. Noras and Müller are timely and solid on this disc. The playing felt well-balanced and complemented each other very well, especially when it came to the solos. Abegg’s bass playing is solid and very present in the mixing of the album. Bloempott also delivers a very solid effort throughout the album with timely beats and good fills.

The lyrics are set in the late 16th century to an alliance between humans and vampires who, together with the WARWOLF and his henchmen in Necropolis, the city of the dead, dance the apocalyptic waltz and make plans for the enslavement of mankind. However, the resistance led by Van Helsing’s daughter destroys Necropolis! Despite the thematic red thread that runs through most of the songs on the album, the album is not to be seen as a concept album.

Final Thoughts

WarWolf’s The Apocalyptic Waltz is a delightful dance of Heavy Metal history to a gloomy macabre time of the late 16th century. This album is best when the listener can sit back with a cold one and take in the story of the WarWolf. The length of the album should please the album oriented listener yet on the flipside, the length of the songs and album may be too long for others (an ill-effect of TikTok and YouTube shorts these days).


  1. The Apocalyptic Waltz
  2. Silver Bullets
  3. Spawn Of Hell
  4. Flying Dutchman
  5. Die With Dignity
  6. Jealous Clown
  7. Rivers Of Blood
  8. Kingdom Of Fools
  9. Legacy Of Salem
  10. Bloodlines
  11. The Resistance
  12. Van Helsing’s Dream

Album Lineup

Andreas von Lipinski – Vocals
Frank Noras – Guitar
Peter Müller – Guitar
Florian Abegg – Bass
Holger Bloempott – Drums


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