KRYPTOS – Force Of Danger

KRYPTOS - Force Of Danger
  • 8.5/10
    KRYPTOS - Force Of Danger - 8.5/10


Label: AFM Records
Release date: October 1, 2021

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8.5/10 (1 vote)

The number of the beast

Indian Heavy Metal pioneers Kryptos are back with their sixth album Force of Danger. They prove once again that they are worthy of being amongst the greatest bands of Classic Heavy Metal. The Terminator-like figure on the cover of the album, with hair to make jealous David Coverdale, will set the tone right away. If you are nostalgic for old-school Accept, this album will find a place in your tender heart. With tight riffs, raging vocals and smashing drums, this album is musical alchemy made perfection. The production is mathematical. If it may sound too simple or lack originality, you will soon realize that to achieve this ultra-clear sound, they removed every artifice and superfluous element in their songs. The music goes right to the point.

The soundtrack to a hell of a ride!

The opening title “raging steel” could very well figure on Painkiller, you would not blink an eye, though you will bang your head, a lot… During the eight songs that compose this new gem, Kryptos does not slow down, at any rate. No ballad on this, only pure angry riffs to soothe your heart in a long-awaited catharsis. Every song delivers a fiery promise, and none is weaker than the others. “Omega Point” brings a little more melody into the mix. A special mention goes to “Force of Danger” with a riff reminding of an angry “Princess of the Dawn” and “Shadowmancer”: a great diptych to finish the record.

This is not an album for pause and contemplation, you listen to it in one go and don’t stop it until it’s over, and when it’s over, press play again! The album is not flawless, but one could argue the flaws add flavour to the ensemble. The only thing you could regret is, that “Force of Danger” is not longer, and maybe vocals could gain from a little variety.

“Feel the force of danger tonight

It’s pounding steel and dynamite”.


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