THY ROW – Unchained

THY ROW - Unchained
  • 9.5/10
    THY ROW - Unchained - 9.5/10


Label: Rockshots Records
Release date: September 24, 2021

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A debut in full force

Fresh out of Helsinki, Thy Row is composed of a bunch of talent-packed young rockers who got everything right from their elders and who are ready to conquer the world. Mikael Salo (Everfrost, Dyecrest, Metal De Facto, Northern Seer) on vocals will remind you of a younger Jorn Lande. Jussi Laulainen and Ville Vase as the power duo of guitarists. Juho Jokimies and Teemu “Snake” on bass and drums provide the most solid rhythmic armature to the music.

These boys worked extremely hard on their debut album, with a result exceeding all expectations. Unchained is one of those “feel-good” albums you put on every time you feel the need to recharge your emotional batteries. It has the efficiency of an antidepressant without undesirable effects (reckless headbanging do not count). Though you will most probably develop a severe addiction. You might also get a speeding ticket if you decide to blast it in your car on your way to work.

A breath of fresh sound!

Thy Row offers this modern mix between old school Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, infused with an innate sense of melodies and catchy choruses. Aptly entitled Unchained, you get from this album phenomenal vitality, a call to freedom and liberation of the self. Power Metal influences are sometimes showing through the melodic assemblage of songs. “Road goes on” the opening title shows a great mastery of songwriting. Instead of losing themselves in technical meandering or keyboards layering, Thy Row combines quality with classic structure. This style seems to agree more with Mikael Salo vocals. His work on Unchained surpasses what he does in Everfrost. “The Round” and “Unchained” keep on the same devilishly efficient vein.

Still, the rest of the album explores different atmospheres. The mid-tempo “Down on my knees” with its discreet keyboards and eerie choruses is a highlight of the album. It brings a dramatic tone and balances the overall composition of the album. Thus, the transition with the darker triptych “The Downfall” is particularly well-executed. In search of the perfect ending, you will find this cover of X Japan “Blue Blood”. The song truly benefits from a modern interpretation with a clear production.

Thy Row delivers a very strong debut album, full of promises and enthusiasm. The path they take next is to be followed very closely!


  • Séverine Peraldino

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