TALES OF THE OLD – The Book Of Chaos

TALES OF THE OLD - The Book Of Chaos
  • 3.5/10
    TALES OF THE OLD - Book Of Chaos - 3.5/10

TALES OF THE OLD - Book Of Chaos

Label: Pride & Joy Music
Release date: September 17, 2021

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Ten years! It took ten years for Mike Tzanakis to finally release Tales of the Old first album, The Book Of Chaos. A homage to the giants of the genre, such as Rhapsody of Fire or Therion. Ten years is an impressive number, especially when the result does not live up to the expectations.

“Beware” is a promising opening song, with Fabio Lione as a guest, even if he is not at his best. It truly sounds like an old fashion Rhapsody song, with gaudy keyboards and overlapping choruses. All the elements are hard to distinguish and only leaving an impression of confusion. Perhaps if you are a die-hard Rhapsody fan, you will find the song to your liking.

Unfortunately, Fabio Lione surpasses by far the other singers on this album, so much that when he is not singing, all the other vocalists seem to struggle. Melodies are sorely lacking in originality, almost to a cringing point. “Dark Witch” and “Contract of Blood” for instance are drawing and crossing a fine line between harmony and dissonance.

Still a good note on an otherwise bland album; classical choirs bring an efficient symphonic element, reminding of Epica’s earliest albums. Despite the efforts made on the general rhythm of the album: drums are only hammering without flourish.

Too many ideas mingle together without a sense of harmony, there is little good to say on this album. All the ingredients for success were gathered but the recipe does not work. If you were searching for the successor of old school Rhapsody or Therion, move on and go back to the classics you know.


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