GODSLAVE – Positive Aggressive

GODSLAVE - Positive Aggressive
  • 8.2/10
    GODSLAVE - Positive Aggressive - 8.2/10


Label: Metalville Records
Release date: July 23, 2021

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7.5/10 (1 vote)

Those who like geography may know that there are 16 federal states (Bundeslands) that make up Germany. Those who really dig it may know there’s one that borders France (and also a tiny bit of Luxembourg) and is called Saarland. But surely not all of those know that Saarland is home to various Metal bands including the bunch of keen Thrashers called Godslave. Their 6th album titled Positive Aggressive is to come out in July 2021 and it certainly is something to look forward to.

One of the bands Godslave often get compared to is Overkill. That on its own should sound exciting enough for most of those who enjoy fast, aggressive and crude music. But there is much more to Positive Aggressive than just that. Despite the beautiful 80s Thrash sound, this album is full of music that is old school and fresh at the same time. The opening track is probably dedicated to all those who think Thrash Metal is dead and bands that can come up with quality songs are no more, so switching onto a different genre is the only thing left to do – why else would it be titled “How about NO”? The song kicks in and if there is any legendary album it might as well be featured on, it has to be …And Justice for All by Metallica. It very much sounds like something from that 1988 record, although there are some remarks. Firstly, in this instance the bass can be heard – and praise be upon the producer because that bass sound is just sick. There’s nothing like a beautifully sounding bass to connect the drums with the guitars. Secondly, late 80s’ James Hetfield probably could pull these riffs off… provided he’d enhance his morning coffee with some speed. Thirdly… if Kirk Hammett focused on some other aspects of playing the way he does as far as the tempo goes… then he’d be fine too because the solos here are pure class. And, last but not least, if Lars could play all these drum parts without needing to rely on the technology later… yes, they would have ended up with an album very similar to Positive Aggressive.

The record features 10 songs and as much as some may sound a bit average, there’s no bad track on this album. The title one which happens to be the number two… yes, there are more similarities to Overkill there, especially when it comes to bass and vocals. Nothing wrong with finding influence in such Metal legends as Blitz and D.D. Verni. But what really is fantastic about that song is the solo: starts off rather slowly, one can almost literally see the veil of mystery shrouding it… drifting into a slight trance seems to be imminent… but the whole dream-like feel to it instantly disperses as soon the solo speeds up. That experience is quite indescribable – having a listen to the song and the rest of the album might be necessary. That song is something a band like Exodus wouldn’t be ashamed to have in their repertoire. Also… it definitely does live up to its name, title that is.

Another thing to make Positive Aggressive really good is the diversity. The following track titled “Straight Fire Zone” should probably be classified as Confused Metal. It doesn’t happen very often to hear such a beautiful combination of perfect harmony and chaos. And there also seem to be some tributes in the lyrics, for instance in the fourth track “From Driven” – the lyrics can make the listener think of the 7th album by Pantera titled Far Beyond Driven. Some songs are better, others are less so, but like said before, there are no bad songs here. And the final composition “See Me In A Crown” is a very nice and fast conclusion of a top quality album.

To sum things up, Godslave are one of those bands that need to be shown to all those who think that Rock and Metal music has no future to it. Because once the world drowns in grief as there is no more Megadeth, no more Exodus or no more Overkill, there will be Godslave. And those who were born too late to see the 80s legends will still be able to experience some Thrash Metal quality live. And those who have been banging their heads and moshing since the 80s will just stand and stare thanking God (assuming they believe in one) for Godslave. Or maybe they’ll even get in the pit – after all, one is never too old to enjoy Metal at its best.


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