CHEZ KANE: “Because The World Is So Doom And Gloom With A Lot Of Things, I Feel [80s Style Music] Is Very Uplifting”

Chez Kane

Living On The Edge Of An ‘80s Heart

Crazy Lixx front man Danny Rexon was tasked with scouting and producing new talent for Italian record label Frontiers Music. Rexon’s first discovery was British singer Chez Kane, one of three sisters that make up the hard hitting Melodic Rock band Kane’d. Danny wanted to craft and album for Kane that brought female rockers back to the forefront of the Melodic Rock genre. As Rexon puts it, “A kind of Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, or Robin Beck for the new decade.” Kane embraced the idea because of her love and appreciation for ’80s music. The result is the self-titled debut of Chez Kane. I’ve had a chance to preview the album ahead of its release and I can safely say that for Rexon and Kane, it’s mission accomplished. I had the chance to speak to Chex Kane prior to the album’s release.

Highlights include:

  •  Discussion of her debut self-titled album
  • How Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx) discovered her
  • How she fell in love with ’80s-era music
  • Filming her own music video
  • Her search for a backing band
  • The future of her band Kane’d
  • Meeting her ’80s Rock idols
  • Her favorite & worst gig
  • … and much, much more!


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