TYLER LARKIN (BLACKLIST): “We Pushed As Hard As We Can And We’re Extremely Proud Of This New Album!”

BLACKLIST - Blood On The Sand

Upcoming U.K. thrash metal band Blacklist have recently just released a single titled “Blood on the Sand” from their as of right now untitled upcoming first full length album due this Summer. Blacklist’s frontman Tyler Larkin took the time to speak with Metal Express Radio about the upcoming album, the feedback on the new single, his love for the new wave of thrash, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band just released the single “Blood on the Sand” from your upcoming album, what kind of feedback have you received so far?

Larkin: We’ve received nothing but amazing feedback for the single and we can’t express how happy we are with that. The closest thing to negative feedback we’ve heard is somebody saying it’s “not really for them”, but we get that thrash metal isn’t for everyone, so we’re happy!

MER: Do you feel like this gives fans a good idea on what to expect from the bands upcoming album?

Larkin: 100%, this single is just a small preview of what’s to come in July when we drop the full album! And the whole album is a preview of what’s to come when we can gig again, so everyone needs to be ready to get stage diving and in the pit again!

MER: How was it writing and recording this time around compared to the bands 2019 EP Bombs Away?

Larkin: It was completely different this time, for starters, most of us don’t actually rate the Bombs Away EP very highly anymore. I feel like we were all much more comfortable together when writing and recording and although it’s been difficult to do it during the pandemic, we pushed as hard as we can and we’re extremely proud of this new album!

MER: How have you and the band been able to work together during the pandemic?

Larkin: During the pandemic, it’s definitely been hard to work together, but any chance we’ve had to get together and write/record, we’ve taken. We’re quite lucky that we have our own rehearsal space so when we weren’t in lockdown last year, we got into our practice space as often as we could!

MER: What are your hopes for the band when it is safe enough to tour?

Larkin: Well, a couple of months ago, we signed with Unearthed Music Management and our manager is working on a “Tri-fecra of Thrash” tour, with the three thrash bands he manages (Us, Hellfekted and Thrasherwolf). For bookings, contact: liam@unearthed-music.co.uk

MER: Being fairly new, what parts of the world are you looking forward to playing first and why?

Larkin: To be completely honest, we’re looking forward to being able to play shows in general that much that we’d happily play in a back alleyway to a bunch of rats? being serious, we’d love to have the chance to play anywhere in the world, we just love and miss gigs so much!

MER: Are there any other bands from the new wave of thrash metal that you follow? 

Larkin: Soooo many! If I had to give you my top ten, it’d be: Hellfekted, Thrasherwolf, Novichok, Riptide, Acid For Blood, Tortured Demon, Chains of Belmont, Trapped in Purgatory, Scarred by Truth and Shrapnel.

MER: For those unfamiliar with the band, how would you describe your sound? 

Larkin: For our debut EP – tankard and municipal waste combined. For the new music – take Kreator and Chaos AD era Sepultura and merge them with the lyrical content of Bolt Thrower and Warbringer

MER: If you could create your own big four who would it be?

Larkin: Without even having to think, it would 1000000% have to be: Warbringer, Annihilator, Exodus and pre 1996 Sepultura.

MER: If there’s nothing we’ve covered that you’d like to throw in go ahead! Thanks for your time and stay safe and healthy! 

Larkin: Thank you for the interview, some of these questions really made me think hahaha!
For our social media and music, please follow this link! Linktr.ee/blacklist
Thank you!


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