MEMORIES OF OLD – The Zeramin Game

MEMORIES OF OLD - The Zeramin Game
  • 6.4/10
    MEMORIES OF OLD - The Zeramin Game - 6.4/10


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Release date: September 18, 2020

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Epic British Symphonic Power Metal

Hailing from the land that gave birth to Heavy Metal, British quintet Memories of Old is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Billy Jeffs. This star-studded project counts with Tommy Johansson of Majestica and Sabaton fame on vocal duties, as well as Jeff’s bandmate Anthony Thompson from NightMare World. Both Billy and Jeff left NightMare World to focus exclusively on this new project.

The Zeramin Game was produced by Alessio Gravello, who previously played and produced for Power Quest and Arthemis, and recorded at the Rogue Studios in London over the course of 3 years, starting in 2017. The compositions and lyrics are all created by Billy Jeffs, making this project not unlike another Power Metal fan favorite, Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia, despite not sharing the ambition of being a Metal Opera or counting with as many guests.

Can King Arthur’s Brethren Slay the Dragon?

While Memories of Old does not go out of their way to sound like any particular representative of the genre, one can sniff Rhapsody, Tenacious D, Symphony X, and even good old Yngwie Malmsteen influences all over the album. Pirates ahoy and keyboard-laden pseudo-symphonic passages permeate the record.

The results are of varying quality, with good moments here and there, but overall leaving the listener wishing for better production and a more critical ear from the producer to help guide the band towards being more on point. Power Metal is always about keeping a fine balance between the Epic and the cheesy, and more often than not, The Zeramin Game falls short on the Epic.

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How Epic is Epic Enough?

The album could have definitely used a better symphonic treatment. Even if budget limitations didn’t allow for an orchestra to be featured, this is no excuse in 2020 to use the built-in string and brass sounds from a synthesizer. Opting for one of the many available options to composers inside modern DAWs and plugins would have done the material much better justice.

The production lacks depth and impact in general, and one can only imagine how much better this record could have been in the capable hands of someone versed in the genre like Charlie Bauerfeind or Sascha Paeth.

The Zeramin Game – Album Highlights

Highlights of the album include “Some Day Soon”, probably the closest track in The Zeramin Game to what one would expect from a project involving Sabaton’s Tommy Johansson. “The Land of Xia” is the most Epic track in the record, setting the tone for the rest of the album and delivering the band at it’s finest.

“Zera’s Shadow” is probably the most unique track in the record, borrowing some ideas from Symphony X’s finest hours, merging them with symphonic excerpts that riff on the original Batman Danny Elfman soundtrack and melodies and singing that could’ve easily been at home in Yngwie’s Rising Force-era catalog.


Fans of Sabaton and Majestica would find some variety here without straying too far from the familiar formulas. For the Power Metal fan looking to expand their collection, The Zeramin Game is one among may options of modern power metal bands that are trying to carve their own space under the sun in the genre’s crowded space.

We look forward to Memories of Old’s next release, hopefully with higher production values and at the hands of a producer who is at home in the sound the band tries to build upon. There is a lot of potential here, but the band needs better guidance to steer towards memorable moments without excessive padding, and polished production that delivers the intended epicness and impact.


  1. In Exordium
  2. Overture
  3. The Land Of Xia
  4. Zera’s Shadow
  5. Some Day Soon
  6. Destiny
  7. Across The Seas
  8. Arrival
  9. A Hooded Traveller
  10. Fowlen’s Revenge
  11. The Zeramin Game
  12. Finale


  • Billy Jeffs – guitars, drums, keyboards
  • Tommy Johansson – vocals
  • Anthony Thompson – keyboards
  • Erick Tekilla – bass
  • James Chapman – drums



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