HELL IN THE CLUB – Hell of Fame

HELL IN THE CLUB - Hell of Fame
  • 8.4/10
    HELL IN THE CLUB - Hell of Fame - 8.4/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: September 4, 2020

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An infernal cocktail of Power Metal and ’80s Hard Rock

Hell in the Club’s fifth album, Hell of Fame has landed! The quartet has fused their Power Metal roots with ’80s hard rock in a tasteful way. This Hard Rock supergroup from Italy features members of Power Metal bands Elvenking and Secret Sphere, serving as the outlet for their old school Hard Rock obsession.

The band cites being influenced not only by ’80s Hard Rock but also classic Heavy Metal classics like Dio and Accept. This is definitely on display here, with tracks like “Worst Case Scenario” verging on sounding like contemporary classics, almost to the tune of the glory days of Hammerfall or Dream Evil.

A Match Made in Hell

Dave’s vocals are interesting as always, showing his extreme versatility, but every now and then accessing his powerful high register with the trademark Power Metal squeals. Andy’s bass is ever-present across the whole record, with a powerful and very distinct tone, always driving momentum forward along with drummer Lancs. Guitarist Picco’s riffs are the real star in Hell of Fame, always managing to invoke the Hair Metal greats like CC Deville and Mick Mars, but stamping them with his signature melodic imprint.

The production on Hell in The Club is flawless and huge sounding, with the vocal harmonies layering over a wide stereo field, every instrument clearly recognizable and with a sense of weight that is more likely to be found in a Power Metal record than in a Hard Record, though not a bad thing. This record does not sound like your typical Melodic Rock release!

Album Highlights

Hell in The Club is a very diverse joyride through the bands’ influences and the blending of styles, which has matured like a fine bottle of Jack Daniel’s, surpassing the rest of the band’s back catalog. The opening track “We’ll Never Leave The Castle” with its classic ’80s feel-good Poison-esque riffs whets the listener’s appetite, showcasing many of the moods you’re about to visit in the epic journey that is Hell of Fame. It seems the band has finally proved they’re not just another supergroup, and have managed to, more than ever before, find their own, genuine voice.

The track “Joker” is a prime example of the perfect marriage between Elvenking’s bombastic Power Metal and Hell In The Club’s trademark ’80s fueled Hard Rock. “Nostalgia” swings the pendulum further to reference Power Metal classics like Sonata Artica and Helloween while staying in ’80s land with the lyric content.

On the flip side of the coin, you have “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, which might as well have been in a Motley Crüe album up to the chorus. The chorus suddenly expands into a Blind Guardian-esque harmony-heavy sing-along section that not only fits the track like a glove but also refreshes the ’80s reference in a very unique way. The song then proceeds to build back up into a bombastic guitar solo, probably the best in the record.

“Last of an Undying Kind” is another one of the album’s highlights. Referencing early Helloween with Kai Hansen-esque vocals and a gang-vocal filled fist in the air chorus, it is a Heavy Metal Hymn like we haven’t heard in a while in modern metal albums. There is no way to avoid banging your head and shouting the track’s title during the chorus.

“Mr. Grouch” is the Hell in the Club’s take on a more aggressive Hard Rock tune, evoking images of Guns and Roses and Extreme; while infusing them with the band’s signature flirtation with Power Metal. Dave’s impression of the bandana-wearing, microphone-stand-bouncing, one and only Axel Rose, is spot on, while still keeping true to his own tone. The album also features the odd Synth Pop moment here and there, which only adds spice to the mix.


A remarkable new entry to Hell In the Club’s already excellent catalog, Hell of Fame brings something new to the table without venturing too far away from the band’s heritage. This album is not only recommended, but it is also required listening for anyone with a strong love of  Classic Heavy Metal in the vein of Accept and Dio, Hair Metal, and Power Metal. It’s a non-stop fun ride alternating between bombastic epic moments and head-banging, energy-filled, ’80s-inspired partying till you drop.


  1. We’ll Never Leave The Castle
  2. Worst Case Scenario
  3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  4. Joker
  5. Last Of An Undying Kind
  6. Nostalgia
  7. Lullaby For An Angel
  8. Mr. Grouch
  9. No Room In Hell
  10. Tokyo Lights
  11. Lucifer’s Magic

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