STRYPER – Even The Devil Believes

STRYPER - Even The Devil Believes
  • 10/10
    STRYPER - Even The Devil Believes - 10/10


Fronteris Records
Release date: September 4, 2020

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The Backstory

Stryper debuted their distinctive brand of “Heavenly Metal” on their 1984 debut EP The Yellow and Black Attack! From there Styrper was off and running with Billboard Top 40 hits throughout the 1980’s, including “Calling on You,” Honestly,” and “Always There for You.”  Their landmark album To Hell with the Devil went multi-platinum and their career album sales exceeded 10 million worldwide.  While radio and MTV turned their backs on bands of the 80’s, Stryper carried on.  In fact, Stryper has released more music after 1990 then before it.  35+ years since their inception, Stryper are releasing their 13th album Even the Devil Believes.

[Listen to our interview with Michael Sweet HERE]

The Album

Michael Sweet’s high pitched wail kicks off the hard-charging “Blood From Above.”  The riffs are meaty and band’s trademark harmonies are on full display.  “Make Love Great Again” marches along as Sweet delivers a message of hope and change.  The song’s catchy chorus is easy to sing along with and will be tough to get out of your head.  “Let Him In” will surely be a live show favorite with the way the chorus is structured.  You can picture fans shouting along with the band.  Michael Sweet’s vocals are as assertive and powerful as ever on “Do Unto Others.”  The lyrics couldn’t be more relatable to the World around us right now.

“Even the Devil Believes” is about how we can be shown all the signs, but still want more proof.  “How to Fly” is an poignant ballad that can be interpreted in several ways.  It could be about God’s love, love for your children, or love for a significant other.  The track has a Queen vibe to it with its melodies and guitar tone.  “Divider” is loaded with modern metal riffage and could be a good crowd interaction song as well.  “This I Pray” sounds like its straight out of the late 80’s power ballad time capsule.  If you grew up in that time, you’re going to love its acoustic guitars and soulful vocals.

“Invitation Only” recalls that early Stryper sound.  The progressive elements add texture and the harmonies are top-notch as usual.  Look out for the old school fiery solo.  “For God and Rock n’ Roll is the Stryper anthem of 2020.  The lyrics are uplifting and an inspirational call to action. The band ends the album in the same furious manner than began it with “Middle Finger Messiah.”

The Verdict

Even the Devil Believes is Stryper’s best album of the modern era.  It’s full of hard rock riffs, powerful melodies, and a timeless message of hope, love, and belief.  In a world that seems to be falling apart around us, some people need this message.  In contrast, you don’t have to believe in the message to enjoy Even the Devil Believes, you just have to believe in truly great rock and roll.



  1. Blood From Above
  2. Make Love Great Again
  3. Let Him In
  4. Do Unto Others
  5. Even the Devil Believes
  6. How to Fly
  7. Divider
  8. This I Pray
  9. Invitation Only
  10. For God & Rock ‘n’ Roll
  11. Middle Finger Messiah


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