MINI REVIEWS – November 14, 2020

  • 9.5/10
    Eclipse - Viva La VicTOURia CD/DVD - 9.5/10
  • 8/10
    Michael Des Barres and the Mistakes - Live at the Hi Hat EP - 8/10
  • 6.8/10
    Reb Beach - A View From the Inside - 6.8/10
  • 7/10
    Incursion - The Hunter EP - 7/10

Frontiers Music [BUY]

If you have ever found yourself listening to an Eclipse studio album and just shrugging your shoulders, then you need to give their latest live album/DVD Viva La VicTOURia a listen. The energy, melody, and performance that Eclipse delivers with this 90 minute set makes their past studio efforts pale in comparison. It could be a case of Eclipse being at the top of their game after 20 years, but whatever it is; Viva La Victouria is an engaging experience that will have you giving their past catalog a second chance. 9.5/10

Die Laughing Records [BUY]

In 2018, underrated rock star and actor Michael Des Barres teamed up with veteran studio musicians with ties to Powerman 5000, Little Caesar & The Dogs, and Guns N’ Roses to form Michael Des Barres and The Mistakes. Live in the Hi Hat is a brief showcase of what the gang can do after only one show together. Des Barres and company evoke the spirit of ‘70s punk rock with their interpretations of songs from Michael’s history and influences. Silverhead’s “Hello New York” sounds more powerful and vibrant than its original incarnation. Des Barres displays the energy and swagger of his younger self. 8/10

REB BEACH – A View From the Inside
Frontiers Music

Current Winger and Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach goes the guitar virtuoso route a la Steve Vai and Joe Satriani on his latest solo album A View From the Inside. Beach shows that he can mix it up stylistically by switching from hard rock to blues to ballads in the blink of an eye. His instrumental album is a diverse affair that is sure to please guitar aficionados. The Ex-Dokken ax-man is known to be quite the accomplished songwriter and vocalist as well, but it’s kind of a bummer that it was not displayed here. 6.8 /10

No Remorse Records

Incursion’s The Hunter EP is hopefully just a taste of a bigger story. Each track is a call to arms for our hero as he struggles with external and internal strife. The fuzzy guitars and raw production emit a 70s Stoner Metal vibe at times, but when Incursion turns up the juice, they possess the spirit of Metal acts infatuated with historical battles in the Scottish Highlands. 7/10 [Interview]


  • George Dionne

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