MAXX HAVICK (INCURSION): “We Had To Be Escorted By Our Parents To Most Of The Shows So It Never Got Crazier Than Sneaking A Drink”

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Incursion were formed in the early ‘80s but internal issues caused them to disband shortly after recording their 3 track demo. 2020 sees the band reformed and releasing their debut EP The Hunter. There’s not a lot of information on the history of Incursion out there, so I went directly to guitarist Maxx Havick to answer all my questions relating to the band. And who exactly is The Hunter?

Metal Express Radio: If I knew absolutely nothing about Incursion, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Maxx Havick: Incursion is a traditional Heavy Metal from the USA. Some of our influences are Kiss, Ted Nugent, Scorpions, Judas Priest & Iron Maiden.

MER: Incursion recently released their first EP The Hunter (with CD & Vinyl releases through No Remorse Records on November 12). Is this a concept EP?

MH: We haven’t locked in a release date yet due to COVID, but we’re hoping it will be out before 2020 is over. It is a concept EP about a Warrior’s journey from despair to salvation.

MER: Can you discuss where each song takes us in the story?

“Warrior of Destruction” –introduces the Hunter – a man who was born in a war-torn land and destined to fight for survival since birth.

“Guiding of Faith” – is about the Hunter’s struggle to believe he can master his inner demons.

“Fade to Black” – is about The Hunter’s newfound sense of purpose and journey to face his ultimate foe.

“Kingdom of the Dead” – is about The Hunter’s blade leading him through chaos to his final struggle with the false king.

MER: Is this EP going to eventually lead to a full album?

MH: Yes! We have plans to begin the recording either in the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

MER: Did you find No Remorse Records or did they find you?

MH: We reached out to No Remorse and a bunch of other labels. A few labels were interested but we went with No Remorse because they were willing to do a vinyl release.

MER: Incursion was active initially between 1982-1986 and cut a 3 song demo in 1985. Did you shop this demo to any major labels? Was there any feedback?

MH: We did very little shopping of the demo. Shortly after the recording, we starting having issues with our then singer because we starting writing songs that were leaning more towards Anvil, Raven & Nasty Savage (Another Florida band we saw a lot before they got their deal).

MER: Was the lack of a record deal what lead to the disbanding of Incursion?

MH: Totally. When we parted ways with the singer, it was hard finding the right fit and we disbanded.

MER: What lead to the band’s reformation in 2018?

MH: We all happened to be in the same city planned to hang out and jam. That jam lead to us feeling like we should have a proper recording of our songs. We have live tapes and thought we should have them at the very least for ourselves. When we mentioned to Steve our idea, it really came to life.

MER: What inspired the band’s name?

MH: We were originally called Vermillion but then heard Marillion and thought the names were too similar. We wanted a name that sounded cool and could be near Iron Maiden in a record bin!

MER: The ‘80s rock scene was known for its excess and debauchery. What was the craziest “rockstar” thing anyone from Incursion had done back then?

MH: Only the singer was over 18 at the time and we had to be escorted by our parents to most of the shows so it never got crazier than sneaking a drink.

MER: Obviously touring is on hold for the Covid-19 lockdowns. Has Incursion done anything musically after the album was completed?

MH: We haven’t been able to. We did have some shows planned, but everything will have to wait until 2021.

MER: Is there anything else you’d like to talk about that I didn’t cover?

MH: I just want to thank Metal Express Radio for opportunity and support as well as all the people who have listened and have gotten us to this point so far. SALUTE!!!!

Incursion is:

Maxx Havick – Guitar
Stone Jamess – Bass
Michael Lashinsky – Guitar
Buddy Norris – Drums
Steve Samson – Vocals

Band Links:

Official Website


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