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Release date:  July 31, 2020

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Swedish high-voltage rock and rollers Thundermother were founded in 2010 by guitarist Filippa Nässil. After releasing just two albums, four members of the group split, leaving Filippa to pick up the pieces. The rejuvenated and current version of Thundermother released their self-titled album in 2018. Heat Wave is the latest offering from the AC/DC and Motörhead inspired foursome. The band promises that Heat Wave is “groovier, fatter and presents 13 tracks with an absolute catchy tune.”

[Read our interview with drummer Emlee Johansson HERE]

Filippa Nässil kicks off “Loud and Alive” with an infectious riff, while drummer Emlee Johansson is snapping her snare in unison. Guernica Mancini is a vocal powerhouse. The ladies come together for the catchy chorus. The AC/DC influence is evident on the bluesy and power chord driven “Dog From Hell.” The chorus is chant worthy and the lyrics are relatable to us all at one point or another. Johnasson’s drum work is top-notch and really popping on “Back in ’76.” Get ready to throw your fists in the air on this lyrical tribute to AC/DC.

“In the Mud” hits hard like a runaway freight train, much like the mosh pit that is likely to form in its wake. Majsan Lindberg lays down a sick bass solo at the break. At this point in the album it’s clear that Mancini can deliver a phenomenal vocal performance at any range and key. The layered vocal harmonies are a real standout on “Heat Wave.” We’ve all been stuck in a relationship in which you know it’s over but can’t take that next step to end it. Mancini and company put that situation in to words perfectly on “Sleep.” Accented by clean acoustic guitar, the ballad builds with instrumentation and emotion.

On the high-energy rocker “Driving With Style,” Thundermother laments about a flashy guy that has affection for the finer things in life. “Mexico” has a country strut to it and maybe bit of “Back in The Saddle Again” in the riff. You won’t be getting the chorus out of your head anytime soon. “Purple Sky” is a mid-tempo self-esteem builder. The touch of Hammond organ really adds that 70s vibe. Whatever Thundermother is doing vocally on the chorus of “Ghost” is quite memorable, but it can’t easily be put into words. Mancini wails for “Somebody To Love Me” in a commanding yet melodic fashion. The rest of the band shows no signs of slowing down here.

Heat Wave is Thundermother’s Back in Black. Heat Wave is full of monster riffs, fiery solos, catchy choruses, powerful vocals, thumping bass, relatable lyrics, and slick production all set to flawless driving drum beats. Thundermother’s past albums pale in comparison to what the group has accomplished here. Crank it up and throw your fists in the air!



  1. Loud and Alive
  2. Dog From Hell
  3. Free Ourselves
  4. Heat Wave
  5. Purple Sky
  6. Sleep
  7. Driving in Style
  8. Back in ’76
  9. Mexico
  10. Into the Mud
  11. Ghosts
  12. Somebody Love Me
  13. Bad Habits


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