• 9.5/10
    THUNDERMOTHER - Black And Gold - 9.5/10


Label: AFM Records
Release date: August 19, 2022

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Mother knows best…

Who are the idiots who said girls could not play Rock N’ Roll? Well, the ladies of Thundermother are back with a fifth album to prove them wrong and also show them the middle finger! Since their first album, Rock N’ Roll Disaster (2015) Filippa Nässil and her bandmates have only strengthened their classic recipe for burning hot Hard Rock. After a few lineup changes these past few years, it seems that they have found their most efficient alchemy. Black And Gold follows in the steps of the already supercharged Heatwave (2020).

Don’t mess with the Thundermother!

With twelve new hits, Black And Gold takes little to no time to slow down and delivers those hard riffs you’ve heard a thousand times but that are still deadly efficient. Although the production is modern and clear, it seems the sound is the offshoot of your good old High Voltage tape.

If the opening trio “The Light In The Sky”, “Black And Gold” and “Raise Your Hands” does not make you headbang, you should definitely have your hearing checked.

The mid-tempo “Hot Mess” is a little bluesier and provides an opportunity for Guernica Mancini to show the extent of her talent, even if the song is maybe not the most inspired on the album. But no worries, if you want faster songs, you can pick any other from this album. “Watch Out” is yet another lesson of classic Hard Rock and is tailored-made for festival stages. “I Don’t Know You” will satisfy a more melodic need. “Borrowed Time” also deserves an honorable mention and captures nicely the feeling of coming back down to earth after a great show. A Hard Rock lullaby you could say.

Tell your children…

With powerful vocals, catchy riffs, and mighty choruses, this album seems truly to be made of the black of leather jackets and fuels, and of the gold of spotlights and sunsets. A classic Hard Rock album that should earn a good place amongst your collection for road trips. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to Rock with Thundermother on their next tour!


Filippa Nässil – Guitar
Guernica Mancini – Vocals
Emlee Johansson – Drums
Mona Lindgren – Bass

Black And Gold – Tracklist

01 – The Light In The Sky
02 – Black And Gold
03 – Raise Your Hands
04 – Hot Mess
05 – Wasted
06 – Watch Out
07 – I Don’t Know You
08 – All Looks No Hooks
09 – Loud And Free
10 – Try With Love
11 – Stratosphere
12 – Borrowed Time


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