GREYHAWK – Keepers of The Flame

GREYHAWK - Keepers of The Flame
  • 5.5/10
    GREYHAWK - Keepers of The Flame - 5.5/10


Fighter Records
Release date: June 16, 2020

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Keepers of the Flame is the debut album by Seattle-based Power Metal mavens Greyhawk.

The intro instrumental “Gates of Time” kicks things off with a climbing keyboard run that transitions to the shredding riffs of “Frozen Star.” Rev Taylor’s vocals are deep and throaty with high falsetto screams thrown in for good measure. “Drop the Hammer” repeats the previous formula, with added group vocals on the chorus. Chugga-chugga riffs lead the track “Halls of Insanity.”

Greyhawk slow things down at the beginning of “The Rising Sun,” but kick things back up for the chorus. “R.X.R.O.” is another instrumental that is pretty much a 3 minute guitar clinic for Jesse Berlin & Enrico Marriuzzo. Rev Taylor’s vocals come alive on “Don’t Wait for the Wizard.” Taylor is more dynamic and passionate as the band backs him up with furious velocity. The chorus is catchy and is sure to stick in your head.

“Black Pearl” is another memorable track with its marching beat and driving riffs. Taylor gives it all and shows what he’s been hiding on the first part of the album. “Masters of the Sky” while still heavy, is pushed by bassist Darin Wall’s heavy Blues riff. Taylor once again delivers with confidence and intensity.

Even though the band displays some great Power Metal and shredding prowess on the first half of Keepers of the Flame, there’s something about Rev Taylor’s vocals that don’t match it. While his vocals are low register, they come off as deep talking on the first four songs. Maybe even below key? However, Taylor does have the chops and that is evident on “Don’t Wait for the Wizard” through “Masters of the Sky.”

If he could take the varying range and fervor on these tracks and apply it to the others, Keepers of the Flame could be one hell of an album. Lyrically, you really need to be into the Fantasy/Warrior genre. Keepers of the Flame is not a bad album for a debut and there are signs of better albums ahead.



  1. Gates of Time
  2. Frozen Star
  3. Drop the Hammer
  4. Halls of Insanity
  5. The Rising Sign
  6. R.X.R.O.
  7. Don’t Wait for the Wizard
  8. Black Peal
  9. Masters of the Sky
  10. Ophidian Throne
  11. Keepers of the Flame


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