ROSS THE BOSS – Born of Fire

ROSS THE BOSS - Born of Fire
  • 8.1/10
    ROSS THE BOSS - Born of Fire - 8.1/10


AFM Records
Release date: March 6, 2020

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8/10 (1 vote)

Ross “The Boss” Friedman is a New York City guitar legend. In 1973 he formed the local Punk band The Dictators. After releasing three albums together, members went their separate ways. Not long after that, Ross was introduced to bass player Joey DeMaio by Ronnie James Dio. Later that year Manowar was born. Ross shredded with Manowar for eight years and six notable albums before moving on to other projects. After 20 years away from the Metal scene Friedman returned with Ross The Boss in 2008. The band was formed to rekindle the True Metal spirit of Manowar and take it into new Metal territories. Born of Fire is the fourth release by Ross The Boss, and it follows their 2018 release By Blood Sworn.

“Glory to the Slain” hits you faster than you can push play on the track. Ross’ guitar rhythms are hard and heavy, while the vocals of Marc Lopes are the perfect mix of growling and high-pitched wailing. The band’s onslaught of intensity continues on “Denied by the Cross.” Steve Bolognese’s pulsating drums drive this revenge-fueled track, while Friedman lays down some fiery guitar solos. Lopes shows his vocal versatility here. If Hollywood decided to reboot the movie Braveheart with a female lead, then “Maiden of Shadows” could very well appear on the soundtrack. The vocals are a little more refined and melodic, but have a regal presence to them.

“I Am The Sword” combines the Punk Rock guitar work of The Dictators with the epic viking warrior themes of Manowar. The riffs are still heavy on the album’s title track “Born of Fire,” but the vocals and especially the chorus, cross over into a more Hard Rock radio zone. Friedman delivers another great solo at the midway point. “The Blackest Heart” slows the pace down with a dark sinister tone. From there, the rest of the album starts to lose its steam.

Born of Fire is an intense Heavy Metal album with a few twists and turns along the way. Ross Friedman’s fiery guitar work shows no signs of slowing down despite how long he’s been in the business. Most of the time it steals the show.



  1. Glory To The Slain
  2. Fight The Fight
  3. Denied By The Cross
  4. Maiden Of The Shadows
  5. I Am The Sword
  6. Shotgun Evolution
  7. Born Of Fire
  8. Godkiller
  9. The Blackest Heart
  10. Demon Holiday
  11. Undying
  12. Walking The Moon


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