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  • 7.3/10
    SAVAGE GRACE - Sign of the Cross - 7.3/10


Label: Massacre Records
Release date: May 5, 2023

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Savage Grace, a Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles, California, was founded by guitarist Christian Logue in 1981. After releasing only two studio albums in the ‘80s, the band parted ways before reforming many years later. Logue assembled a talented group of musicians to create a new version of Savage Grace. New vocalist Gabriel Colon has even been compared to Rob Halford from Judas Priest and Ian Gillan from Deep Purple. Being away from the spotlight for so long, Savage Grace adapted their sound to the modern times, while staying true to their authentic heavy roots. Logue has high hopes for the new lineup and upcoming studio release from the band, Sign of the Cross.

“This album is my masterpiece and a grand addition to my legacy of universally acclaimed classic metal recordings. Every song on this album is powerful, there is not one weak track on this record,” said Logue in a press release.

The Good and the Bad

Sign of the Cross kicks off with a barnstormer of a track, “Barbarians at the Gate.” It sounds like a long-lost Judas Priest song with the intense kick drumming, ferocious guitar playing, and Colon’s insane vocals. The title track and “Slave of Desire” also could be long-lost Judas Priest songs. The latter sounds like pure Speed Metal, thanks to the piercing guitar riff and powerful drum work. “Stealin’ My Heart Away” and “Branded” are cheesy, but fun songs that represent classic ‘80s Heavy Metal. A major highlight of the album is the production; everything sounds big and bombastic.

As for the downsides, Colon’s vocals work on some songs, but not others. For example, “Rendezvous” lacks control and direction, so it sounds like he’s singing off-pitch. Another downside would be the length of the songs. There are 10 tracks total, including the CD bonus track “Helsinki Nights,” and the runtime of the album is around 53 minutes. More than half of the songs are over five minutes long. Take a minute or two off, and they’d be shorter and more immediate, especially “Automoton.” Even “Land Beyond the Walls,” as great as that track is, doesn’t need a speaking intro.

Final Assessment

Overall, Sign of the Cross is a decent release from a band that hasn’t been on the music scene in years. The playing is great, the vocals are good (for the most part), and the band definitely captures the essence of classic ‘80s Heavy Metal. The lyrics help with the latter, quite a bit. What’s next for Savage Grace? Only time will tell. Sign of the Cross will be released on May 5, 2023.

Album Tracklist

  1. Barbarians at the Gate
  2. Automoton
  3. Sign of the Cross
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Stealin’ My Heart Away
  6. Slave of Desire
  7. Land Beyond the Walls
  8. Star Crossed Lovers
  9. Branded
  10. Helsinki Nights (bonus track)


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