TRASH HEAVEN – 4 Heads For A Crown

TRASH HEAVEN - 4 Heads For A Crown
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    TRASH HEAVEN - 4 Heads For A Crown - 5/10


Release date: April 18, 2020

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Founded in 2007, Trash Heaven toured the Northern France region relentlessly before releasing their first full-length album Dementia in 2013. Seven years later Trash Heaven has returned with their follow-up release 4 Heads For A Crown. The band describes their sound as Heavy Thrash that appeals to fans of Annihilator, Iron Maiden, and 80s era Pantera.

“The Last Step” is the slow, clean picked intro that leads the listener into the high-paced assault of “Thrashed Heaven.” It’s your classic Thrash affair with double kick pounding drum beats, fast riffs and solos, multi-speed tempos, and high-pitched wails. From there, it’s a lot more of the same on “Beast Inside,” “Succubus,” and “Drakkar.”

Trash Heaven really flips the script so to speak on their next block of songs. On “The Tree of Wisdom (Part I & II)” the band morphs into a darker, more somber yet emotional band. It genuinely works better for them. They add progressive elements that you wouldn’t expect and it adds a whole new layer. Part I feels like a modern western hero theme, and Part II concludes with a vigorous drum beat and wailing guitars that bring the track to its climactic conclusion.

“4 Heads For a Crown (Part I)” keeps that western vibe alive, but Part II finds the band sounding a little more like commercial Heavy Metal with a touch of Progressive tossed in. Trash Heaven returns to their conventional brand of Thrash for its last two tracks “The Maze” and “The Last March.” They conclude the album with the strong instrumental “Danse Macabre.”

4 Heads For a Crown is not the sound of band that has been honing their craft for 13 years. It sounds like a band that is still trying to find its voice. Honestly, the band finds its voice on “The Tree Of Wisdom” and “4 Heads For a Crown,” but that might not be clear to the band. Those two tracks appear to have a lot of effort and crafting behind them. The songs that surround them don’t seem as mature and polished as they should be.



  1. The Last Step
  2. Thrashed Heaven
  3. Beast Inside
  4. Succubus
  5. Drakkar
  6. The Tree of Wisdom (Part I)
  7. The Tree of Wisdom (Part II)
  8. 4 Heads For A Crown (Part I)
  9. 4 Heads For A Crown (Part II)
  10. The Maze
  11. The Last March
  12. Danse Macabre


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