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Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: LORDI – Sexorcism

29. May 2018

If you like plodding, predictable songs about hideous things, you might enjoy Sexorcism, the new album from Lordi, their ninth. If casual cruelty without apparent point is your thing, you might find yourself singing along to songs like “The Beast Is Yet To Cum” or “Sodomesticated Animal”, ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Thursday: THRUST – Harvest Of Souls

9. May 2018

Metal fans have seen the crypts open up and witnessed bands long thought dead shambling from their sepulchral tombs. Retro Metal is popular; the genre has seen the reformation of classic line-ups of essential bands as well as infusions of new musicians around a core nucleus of veteran players and a ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: STRYPER – God Damn Evil

1. May 2018

God Damn Evil, the new album from Christian Metal stalwarts Stryper, has some of their heaviest music to date—opener “Take It To The Cross” starts out with a Doom march (listen to it alongside “A Cry From The Crypt” by Candlemass) before heading into full-on Thrash territory with the ...READ MORE
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