GIN ANNIE – 100% Proof

GIN ANNIE - 100% Proof
  • 6.5/10
    GIN ANNIE - 100% Proof - 6.5/10


Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Release date: January 25, 2019

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England’s Gin Annie describes their debut as 10 tracks of guitar driven Hard Rock maintaining a melodic vocal style, hook-laden choruses and classy melodies. What the band delivers is squeaky clean Melodic Hard Rock featuring layered vocals massaged for maximum clarity, drums akin to a heavy version of Hysteria era Def Leppard and strictly regimented guitars. While the sound is classy and the choruses are rich, it lacks song development and guitar solos are noticeably restrained.

There a number of highlights. “Love Ain’t Here” is a spirited romp reminiscent of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream” with its distinct vocals, focused drumming and purposeful riffs. “Dead & Gone” combines Groove Metal riffs and lively bridges with an AOR inspired chorus. “New Bad Habit” begins with aggressive hooks and maintains its grip throughout. “Damage Is Done” attempts to build on this but the saccharine vocals are mixed too high which dampens the effect of the thunderous beats and punchy riffs.

Underdeveloped songs include “Fallin’” which features a powerful riff similar to Black Stone Cherry’s “Backwoods Gold”. Unfortunately, the band shows little imagination building anything exciting. This pattern repeats in “All I Want” which also has one of the better guitar solos squandered by an underpowered mix. “Next 2 Me” takes time to experiment with tempo changes and less formulaic bridges, but the tempo changes backfire by imparting a feeling there’s something wrong with speed of the playback.

100% Proof delivers equal parts impressive and forgettable Melodic Hard Rock. Rigid production and underdeveloped song ideas hinder otherwise excellent vocals and competent musicianship. Hopefully, the band will loosen up and be more expressive in future recordings.

TRACKLIST (Highlights: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8)

  1. Love Ain’t Here
  2. Dead & Gone
  3. Chains
  4. New Bad Habit
  5. Next 2 Me
  6. Damage
  7. Fallin’
  8. All I Want
  9. Haunt Me
  10. Born to Rock n Roll


Dave Foster (vocals)
Byron Garbett (guitars)
Brian Green (guitar)
Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows (bass)
Jack Ryland-Smith (drums)


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