LORDS OF THE TRIDENT – Shadows From The Past

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT - Shadows From The Past
  • 6/10
    Lords Of The Trident - Shadows From The Past - 6/10


Junko Johnson
Release date: August 24, 2018

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When Lords Of The Trident label themselves as “The most METAL band on EARTH!” it fuels skepticism. When considering their interests of barbarians, warriors on horseback, battle, swords, axes, flails, lightning, virgins, robots, dystopian futures, rum, motorcycles, knife fights, and knitting you get the impression they aren’t all that serious. The question is, are they serious enough to create good music?

Shadows From The Past is described as more ambitious, complex and mature than their previous six albums. A squeaky clean and well balanced mix combined with the vocalist’s crystal clear annunciation ensures the listener will hear every epic word. Without preamble, “Death Dealer” leads with hook laden riffs and a pair of stratospheric wails before settling into an Epic Heavy Metal sword and shield banging groove. “Zero Hour” continues the up-tempo Valkyrie charge with more relentlessly emotive riff and lyric combinations. “Tormentor” down shifts into mid-tempo but has a tough draw following the two outstanding opening tunes. It falls flat with a couple clear misses by the vocalist trying to duplicate his earlier upper octave success.

Further highlighting the vocalist’s range limitations, the band enlists Brittney Slayes of Unleash The Archers to sing on “Burn It Down (With Fire)”. She absolutely nails her lyrics and takes the song to next level. Her power and range remind the listener why UTA’s Apex was one of 2017’s best albums. Most of the remaining songs struggle to generate memorable melodic hooks and distinctive choruses. One bright spot is “Chasing Shadows”, a power ballad with distinctive melodic elements which highlight what’s missing in other songs. The closing track, “The Gatekeeper, successfully melds chorus and melodic guitar soloing.

As in a real battle field, there is no middle ground in Shadows From The Past. There are good songs which deserve to live and songs destined to be cannon fodder. Lords Of The Trident prove they can create memorable music. Their next challenge is to do it consistently.


TRACKLIST (Highlights: 1, 2, 4, 9, 11)

  1. Death Dealer
  2. Zero Hour
  3. Tormentor
  4. Burn it Down (With Fire) Feat. Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers)
  5. Figaro
  6. The Party Has Arrived
  7. Brothers of Cain
  8. Reaper’s Hourglass
  9. Chasing Shadows
  10. The Nameless Tomb
  11. The Gatekeeper


Fang VonWrathenstein – Vocals
Baron Taurean Helleshaar – Guitar
Asian Metal – Guitar
Pontifex Mortis – Bass
Master “Herc” Hercule Schlagzeuger – Drums


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