EDGE OF EVER – We Came With The Flood

EDGE OF EVER - We Came With The Flood
  • 5.5/10
    EDGE OF EVER - We Came With The Flood - 5.5/10


Nuclear Blast
Release date: June 22, 2018

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Edge Of Ever is a band whose diverse sociological profile is matched by their widely divergent musical tastes.  The band describes their sound as difficult to classify.  It combines traditional heavy metal with progressive, melodic arrangements and breakdowns. Lyrical subjects favor serious topics such as justice, apathy, violence, extremism, self-reflection and grief.  Production quality is good, but there are moments of inconsistency when the guitar or keyboard delivering the melody are hard to hear.

We Came With The Flood is a 15 song double album reflecting an ongoing tug of war between the musical styles favored by each band member.  These indecisive battles result in long songs which contain creativity and musicianship, but lack focus critical for creating memorable hooks.  The one consistent impression is the vocalist’s dispassionate delivery.  The uninspired vocals of such weighty lyrical content creates a dissonance which is difficult to overcome.  The most engaging songs tend to be shorter, up tempo, and aggressive.  “We Came With The Flood”, “Pitch Black Destiny”, and “Forsaken” successfully combine both Traditional Heavy Metal and Metalcore riffs.  Two of the longer song highlights are the bludgeoning heavy riffs of “The Paintbox” and the ode to Iron Maiden “Maidens On The Edge”.  The latter song is interesting if only as a curiosity for Maiden fans as they recognize lyrical and melody references.

We Came With The Flood is a lengthy listen challenged by unspirited vocals and a shifting focus.  Recommended for patient listeners who enjoy Progressive Metal complexity and following a lyric sheet.


TRACKLIST (Highlights: 2, 3, 9, 12, 14)

1. A Distant Thunder
2. We Came with the Flood
3. Pitch Black Destiny
4. Je Suis Anglogergreekrustican
5. Slavephone
6. The World Will Die Even Without You
7. My Leech
8. Live It or Leave It
9. Forsaken
10. Infinite Pledges
11. The Weather Maker
12. The Paintbox
13. Vegantichrist
14. Maidens on the Edge
15. The Silence


Minas Marston – Vocals
James Smith – Bass
Ralph Swan Krieger- Keyboards
Tom Kruse – Guitar
Julios Greco – Guitar
Lucas Freise – Drums


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