DE LA MUERTE – Venganza

DE LA MUERTE - Venganza
  • 4.5/10
    DE LA MUERTE - Venganza - 4.5/10


Revalve Records
Release date: December 15, 2017

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Italy’s De La Muerte describe their music as “a new kind of heavy metal…fresh, aggressive and modern hard ‘n heavy”. Thematically, the band draws inspiration from stories of the cult of Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Our Lady of the Holy Death). Venganza, the band’s second album, successfully delivers aggressive Heavy Metal with death cult themes. However, there isn’t anything new going down.

What does go down is crushingly raw and heavy guitar often mixed to obliterate any chance of hearing the rhythm section or vocals as evident in the song “De La Muerte”. This song is a highlight track but juggernaut guitar riffs drive over the subtlety of the spooky lyrics. The only lyrics clearly heard is the repeated chorus. “Lady Death” is a spirited boogie constructed with interesting bridges but again is mixed to kill. The most complete and listenable song is ‘The Last Duel” which downshifts into mid-tempo purposeful riffing leaving room for the rest of band. It has excellent use of atmospheric backing vocals and tasteful lead guitar work. “Gambling In Hell” follows a similar template but fails to hook. The second half of the album isn’t as inspired as the first. Strangely, the mix is noticeably cleaner on the songs “Death Engine” and “How Do You Feel”.

Venganza doesn’t break any new ground and is hampered by a production heavily favoring the rhythm guitar. Recommended for current fans of the band and the curious.



  1. Theme of Revenge – De La Muerte
  2. De La Muerte – De La Muerte
  3. Lady Death – De La Muerte
  4. The Last Duel – De La Muerte
  5. Gambling in Hell – De La Muerte
  6. Heart of Stone – De La Muerte
  7. Death Engine – De La Muerte
  8. How Do You Feel? – De La Muerte
  9. Horizon – De La Muerte
  10. Canción del Mariachi – Los Lobos Cover
  11. Scream Of Madness – De La Muerte


Gianluca Mastrangelo: vocals
Gianluca Quinto: guitars
Christian D’Alessandro: guitars
Claudio Michelacci: bass
Luca Ciccotti: drums


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