FEAR NOT – Fear Not

  • 7/10
    FEAR NOT - Fear Not - 7/10


Roxx Records (Re-Issue)
Release date: December 24, 2017

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Like so many other Hard Rock acts of the late 80s and early 90s, Fear Not became a victim of bad timing when the Grunge Incident happened in 1991. As good as Fear Not’s self-titled debut (under that name) was, their sound quickly became passé. Despite Fear Not being well received, the market shifted so quickly and so much that a follow-up album just wasn’t in the cards. A decade and half later, clear heads and fresh ears began to stumble upon this release again and a strong cult following began to form. Now, at the tail end of 2017,  Roxx Records has answered the call for a proper re-issue of this much loved classic.

Fear Not captures the essence of the late 80s Glam / Hair Metal and Hard Rock scene in a wonderful way. The tracks have a groove and raunchiness that is totally missing from Modern Rock. All the classic elements are there: heavily layered gang choruses; atomic bomb snare drums; bass grooves; burning, blues based guitar solos; and snarling, hair flipping inspired vocal performances.

While these mixes are untouched from the original release, the re-issue has been faithful to the original mastering and has maintained the album’s dynamics while providing a generous amount of modern shine and punch.

Fans of Extreme, Firehouse, and Treat will love this release. Highlights include “Give It Up”, “Money Money”, “There Is Love”, and “Mad World”.



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  1. Always been fascinated with new bands, and forgotten bands recovering from age. And the new ones not noticed yet.

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