WOLFPAKK – Wolfpakk

WOLFPAKK - Wolfpakk
  • 9.5/10
    WOLFPAKK - Wolfpakk - 9.5/10


AFM Records
Release date: August 26, 2011

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You may call them the Gruesome Twosome or the two alpha wolves. Choose to call them as you wish, but in the end you would have to salute Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney. Voss is the lead man of the German Mad Max and once was in the Hard Rock band Casanova. Sweeney was for many years the lead singer of the Swiss Hard Rock act Crystal Ball, and lately has also delved into solo efforts. After a good relationship for years, they decided to ride along together with a smashing endeavor under the name of Wolfpakk, and have released their debut album under the same name.

The duo were joined by some of the shining stars in Hard Rock and Metal as guests — names like Paul Di’Anno, Tony Martin, Ripper Owens, Rob Rock, Paul Shortino, Jeff Scott Soto, Mat Sinner, and Neil Murray were only part of the large variety of stars that took roles on this magnificent release. It can be safely declared that Wolfpakk, along with these stars, is truly not that far from Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia or other mega-projects when it comes to the overall level of talent.

Wolfpakk’s music in general pretty much focuses on the ’80s. Voss & Sweeney shared their appreciation of ’80s Metal / Hard Rock through their own bands, nevertheless, the outcome on the Wolfpakk album turned out to be heavier than their past releases. Classic German Metal al’a Accept and Sinner with some tendencies towards Mad Max were basically the mainframe of this release. Metallic anthems swarm while crushing, hard-to-the-core choruses deliver the best of the 80s on a single platter. In terms of sound (handled by Voss) the general feel led towards a modern production that only enhanced the material, while keeping safe the ’80s spirit alive that ran through the tracks.

Taken as a whole, the Wolfpakk album is one of the greatest Metal experiences of this year. Even the weakest track, “Reptile’s Kiss”, blistered with a classic Metal vein that even led a few times towards Glam Metal. The anthem entitled “The Crow” is where Heavy and Power Metal met in a storming battle. Under a charging galloping main riff, Paul Di’Anno, along with Voss and Sweeney, roared through the majestic lyrics with utmost energy. Throughout the track there were a few keyboard sections that were joined by a wonderful lead guitar section in several quick harmonies. “Let Me Die” is a strong, emotive story of bravery and near death experience of a warrior. Here and there it reminded of one of Manowar’s dramatics and Black Sabbath’s second era, yet its German features al’a Accept’s Metal Heart were undeniable. “Wolfony”, a track bearing such an awkward name, shaped up to be quite a diverse ’80s Metal anthem. Even though it had a basic structure, it presents its epical features and a strong main riff. In the peak moments of the track, Ripper Owens rises and sings his best with amazing high-pitched screams along the chorus and verses, which demonstrated some operatic qualities.

Wolfpakk is packed with amazing music that shares both catchy features and great artistic qualities. Although the young acts will eventually rise to power, Wolfpakk sends out a strong message that veterans should be forgotten.


  1. Sirens
  2. Dark Horizons
  3. Lost
  4. Slam Down The Hammer
  5. The Crow
  6. Wolfpup
  7. Let Me Die
  8. Reptile’s Kiss
  9. Ride The Bullet
  10. Wolfony


Mark Sweeney – Vocals
Michael Voss – Vocals / Guitars
Various Artists


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