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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: VOODOO CIRCLE – Raised On Rock

27. February 2018

Raised On Rock is the fifth studio release from Germany’s Hard Rock, Heavy Metal band Voodoo Circle, and the first to feature new lead vocalist Herbie Langhans.  The Cureent line up features Langhans, taking over vocal duties from Pink Cream 69 frontman David Readman, founding guitarist Alex ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: SINNER – Tequila Suicide

27. March 2017

German Hard Rock and Heavy Metal veterans Sinner are back with a new full-length album of all original material. This is following their 2013 release, Touch Of Sin 2, which was mostly re-recordings of classic tracks. Tequila Suicide finds the band deep into their Rock-n-Roll and Hard Rock roots, as ...READ MORE

PRIMAL FEAR – Rulebreaker

26. January 2016

German Metallers Primal Fear are set to release Rulebreaker – their 10th studio album to come out during their 19-year storied career as a band. Seemingly ever-growing in demand and deserved respect, frontman Ralf Scheepers delivers yet another stellar vocal performance, bassist Mat Sinner ...READ MORE
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