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Release date: August 26, 2011

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Lechery is a four-piece Classic / Power Metal band from Sweden who play German style Power Metal. German Power Metal has been traditionally known for its forceful guitar riffs and prevailing melodies, and Lechery is no exception. These guys carry all the influence and effectiveness of some of the great German Power Metal bands such as Scorpions, Helloween, and Primal Fear, and they do it in an impressive fashion.

Lechery was formed in 2004 by vocalist / lead guitarist Martin Bengtsson, formerly a one-time bassist of the Swedish Death Metal band, Arch Enemy. Lechery recorded their debut album Violator in 2008. Although Violator followed the traditional Classic / Power Metal formula, it was criticized for being “boring” and “a small step above mediocre.” In Fire is certainly a significant improvement from their debut album … it’s full of the energy and liveliness that was sorely missing in their debut.

From the first track, “Mechanical Beast”, it is evident Bengtsson wants to make a better impression with this album. The song has a very sophisticated Scorpion-esque quality and could easily be an opening track from one of their classic albums. In fact, Bengtsson exhibits a great deal of Klaus Meine envy throughout the album. Another track with a heavy Scorpions influence is the very melodic “All The Way”, which even features the signature crunching tandem guitar riffs and a magnificent solo as well.

There are a couple of tracks that are heavily Primal Fear-influenced as well, although Bengstsson cannot exactly pull off a Ralf Scheepers impersonation, he reproduces the melody quite well. Such tracks as “Heart Of A Metal Virgin”, “Lust For Sin”, and “Burning Anger” all exhibit these qualities.

Additionally, there are a couple of tracks which lead you to believe Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray / Helloween) is making a guest appearance. The song “The Igniter” contains very blatant Hansen guitar riffs and vocal styles.

Unfortunately, one of the main criticisms for their debut album Violator also applies here: it lacks originality. However, the upside to In Fire is that it kicks a lot more ass than its predecessor. That being said, kudos has to be given to the great production and musicianship in this release. The album has been in the works since late 2010, and there were some struggles within the band as far as accidents, injuries, and personal tragedies. Despite those, they have been able to pull off an effort which is more varied and contains obvious growth.

Overall, In Fire doesn’t have that grand “wow factor” which blows you away, although it is a respectable album with some great songs, and some pretty amazing guitar work. Fans that love German Power Metal will be sure to emphatically embrace this one.


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