Y&T (Live)

at O2 Academy, Newcastle, U.K., October 8, 2010

Last year when Y&T landed in Newcastle, lead guitarist/lead vocalist Dave Meniketti was in a bad way. Struck down with the flu on the eve of the show, he manfully soldiered (despite losing his voice) with the aid of band mates Phil Kennemore and John Nymann assisting with vocal duties, and when the Geordie choir joined in you could see everyone pulling together to help out. The crowd could clearly see the effort Meniketti put in to ensure the show would go on and received a standing ovation in appreciation. Meniketti was visibly moved by the moment. On leaving the stage he pledged to return the following year and make up with an extended show as a token of his thanks for the crowd’s support.

True to his word, Dave Meniketti and Y&T returned and in his eagerness to cram in as much music as possible into the night, the show time started at 7:45… meaning that “Don’t Wanna Lose You” was already blasting out on entering the hall and “On With The Show” and “Hard Times” had been and gone… blast!!! Not to worry, though, becaue there was plenty more to come in a show that was to span almost two and half hours.


What a treat it was too. Blessed with a crystal clear, yet punchy sound, and drawing on a host of classics from “Meanstreak”, “Black Tiger” and the pumping “Eyes of a Stranger”, Y&T were simply on fire, and Meniketti, who’s voice has rarely sounded better, showed why they are so highly regarded in the Metal world.

Not only did Meniketti show that his voice was well over his dose of flu from his last visit, but his guitar work dazzled and sparkled. Blessed with a wonderfully melodic sound and sprightly technique, he showed just how to play the guitar hero. His solo on “I Believe In You” was jaw-dropping and still sends shivers down the spine after all these years. Meniketti knows he’s good too, and that’s why he could step back and give John Nymann a place in the spotlight during “Dirty Girl”.


The recent news that original bass player Phil Kennemore was ill caused great concern amongst both the band and the fans, and his presence from the show was much missed, however Brad Lang pulled off an impressive performance on such short notice. Meniketti saluted his stricken comrade several times and dedicated “I’m Coming Home” from the excellent new Facemelter album to Kennemore with a plea for a speedy recovery… a sentiment that was echoed by all.

As “Hurricane”, “Dirty Girl”, “Summertime Girls”, and a rip-roaring “Forever” wrapped up the main show, the venue curfew was rapidly approaching. The band returned to the stage, with Nymann replete in Newcastle United football apparel, and delivered the final tour de force of “Contagious”, “Midnight in Tokyo”, and the roof-raising “Rescue Me”. The curfew had long since passed and the nervous tour manager checked his watch as the band took their bows to a rapturous reception.


Y&T returned to Newcastle as promised and delivered an absolute killer set crammed full of classic songs displaying the perfect blend of melody and muscle, putting Y&T into the elite bracket occupied by the likes of Thin Lizzy and UFO.

Meniketti saluted the crowd and promised to be back again next year… and you know what? There’ll be a hall full a screaming Geordies to welcome them back upon their return.

All at Metal Express Radio wish Phil Kennemore a speedy recovery. Get well soon Phil.


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