DREADNOX – Dance Of Ignorance

DREADNOX - Dance Of Ignorance
  • 8.5/10
    DREADNOX - Dance Of Ignorance - 8.5/10


Die Hard Records
Release date: October 7, 2010

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Good Melodic Heavy Metal from Brazil is a sort of commodity that is rather hard to find. Aside from acts such as Angra, Tribuzy, Hibria, and Shaaman, most of this country’s scene relies much more on Extreme Metal acts. The band Dreadnox, a Heavy Metal band that debuted its Metal ways in the early 90s, will eventually place itself in the top line of Brazil’s Melodic Metal scene … and even beyond the country’s borders. It has been almost twelve years since Dreadnox released their Divine Act debut, but their sophomore release, Dance Of Ignorance, displays Dreadnox as nothing short of a high-rated band. By their use of modern means, both material & production-wise, this band has been able to create a good name for themselves in the world of Modern Melodic Metal.

The Dance Of Ignorance album was produced in Full Sound Studio by two guys who already made an impact with earlier works, Renato Tribuzy & Alex Macedo. With their brilliance, Dreadnox were able to channel their great material with a forceful type of sound that has its unique features. Underneath the massive production, Dance Of Ignorance holds a special musical mix notion that was bonded to the band’s material. As Old School Metal stands in the back to watch, Dreadnox went on providing a substance that will make a different statement regarding how modern Metal is perceived.

Super class tracks such as “Survive” (Featuring Renato Tribuzy as guest vocals”), “All Is Not Lost” as the touchy power ballad, “Fight With The Light”, 80s reminder “Go On”, “Sinners In Paradise”, and “Waiting For The Sun” will introduce you to a different kind of Modern Metal, where Heavy & Power are joined in a different perspective. By way of example, you can take several samples out of acts such as Beyond Fear, Iron Fire, & Tribuzy. In general, there is a reasonably good attempt here to do something a bit different while having a go at making sort of straightforward music.

Dance Of Ignorance can be typed as a new standard in the new age of Metal. With a chunky heaviness, yet, amid a spread of emotions, Dreadnox is able to capture an Old School fan base and impress with a wonderful performance on all counts. Notwithstanding that most of the stuff you are listening to, or going to listen to, is pretty much simple and keeps only a short distance from the basics, there is no progression needed. Be sure that the solos as the most complex elements in this release will keep you interested for a long time. To summarize, Dreadnox has rendered a new hope for Modern Heavy Metal, and don’t worry … they haven’t forgotten about the 80s.


  1. Fight With The Light
  2. Survive
  3. Echoes Of Midnight
  4. Go On
  5. Miracle
  6. All Is Not Lost
  7. Dance Of Ignorance
  8. Annie
  9. Sinners In Paradise
  10. Impromptu
  11. Waiting For The Sun
  12. Battle & Honor


Fabio Schneider – Vocals
Kiko Dittert – Guitar
André “Dead” Montana – Bass
Felipe Curi – Drums


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