Y&T (Live)

at Rockland, Sala, Sweden, Sunday September 7, 2008

A second and different night, but the same band and, as Meniketti rightfully guesses, only a partly different audience. In Y&T’s case this means a partially different set list as well. This should really be standard practice for any band performing two subsequent nights in the same town, but all too often isn’t.

LBeing a Sunday night and the second gig, the venue isn’t sold out and with an audience that hadn’t had as much to drink, it adds up to a more mildly mannered affair all together. That said, attendance was still pretty good and response enthusiastic with the band themselves seemingly in an even more lightly mood, with Meniketti asking the others to tell the audience a joke while he plugs in and straps on during one of several guitar switches, and jokingly mocks drummer Mike Vanderhule of being tired even though he’s apparently the youngest of the bunch. Vanderhule responded he just needed an extra beverage of choice between songs.

The mentioned mix of the set performed were enjoyable, with songs such as “25 Hours A Day”, and one who apparently was performed for the first time this year; the great “Winds Of Change”, while “Lipstick And Leather” is as cheesy as ever, and “Looks Like Trouble” bare generic.

L The response to “Midnight In Tokyo” seems strangely quiet though, even with the fewer in attendance, while “Meanstreak” adds arguably the most fuel this night, with its meaty, hook-laden riff. “Summertime Girls” feels weird to hear just as the summer has ended and we’re already into a rainy September, but live it comes across heavier with the guitars replacing the keyboard parts that were evident on the original studio version, whilst the vocal harmonies are nailed reasonably well.

L The length of this gig didn’t add up to as much as the prior night, which was probably just as good; over two hours is still enough for any band. Still it’s refreshing and quite unusual with such a generous attitude for any group, let alone that half of Y&T’s age.

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